Local Listing Management

By April 19, 2019 June 3rd, 2019 Akron, Around the Interwebs, Columbus, Expert Series

Local Listing Management

Joe Jorgenson, President of Robin Technologies, has partnered with The Business Journal to develop a new series of business strategies videos that gives viewers instant access to content that they can use to help grow their businesses. Topics range from mobile responsiveness and search engine optimization to digital marketing and SSL certificates. In this installment of the monthly video series, Joe talks about local listing management and site reputation.

“Traditional link building has fallen out of most SEO firm’s routines,” Joe says. “But local listing management is still an important element.”

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The Business Journal

The Business Journal is a locally owned, independently operated multimedia publisher based in Youngstown, Ohio. Through the years, they have transformed from an advertising-supported newspaper to a multiplatform publisher that’s committed to the success of the regional business community.

Robin Technologies

Robintek is a family owned web development, multimedia, and technology company with offices located in Worthington, Ohio and Akron, Ohio. In business since 1998, Robintek is the primary web developer for over 500 Ohio Companies and has done work for many more. Robintek will work with your business to identify and define the needs of your business and apply web-based business solutions through Content Management systems, Marketing, E-Commerce, Custom Programming, Event Registration, Contact Lead Management, and much more.

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