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Showcase of Websites Featuring Full Screen Videos

Recently I’ve seen a lot of really cool different websites that do many different things. But this is a showcase that surprised me. These are websites that use full screen videos on the front page of their site instead of just a homepage, or even a large image. Check them all out here.

“We’ve all seen videos on websites restricted to a specific frame size, but why not make use of the user’s whole monitor? Once upon a time only Flash was capable of such wizardry, but these days Javascript and HTML5 make it perfectly feasible to stretch your video footage to fill the browser window. This post showcases 15 website that all make use of full screen video techniques.”

-Chris Spooner

18 Websites that Take Scrolling to the Next Level

While browsing the internet looking at different web designs I always come across websites that make something really interesting designs from simple concepts. Some of the coolest sites I’ve seen are ones that use different techniques for scrolling. These are some website design that not only used the idea of scrolling, but made scrolling a part of the experience of being on that website. Check them all out here.

“There was a time when the common practice was to try and place all content above the fold. But now, instead of fearing the scroll, web designers and developers are embracing the need to scroll, and using it as opportunity to engage the user with background reveals, element animations, and other clever effects based on the pages scroll position. So in an effort to inspire you, we’ve gathered a collection of websites that take scrolling to the next level.”

-Gisele Muller

21 Beautiful Examples of Using White in Web Design

White can do many things for someone when it comes to web design. When used in the right way, white can bring out the design of a website in really cool ways. Other times white can leave a website feeling blank or unfinished. Here is a showcase of different websites who use white to bring out the best of their design. Check them all out and more here.

White is certainly an elegant color, and when properly used in web design, it can deliver really beautiful results, as the ones we will see here today. Using the right amount of white in a website creates a clean and elegant design, and it makes things easy and pleasant on our eyes, helping the viewer like what they see.

-Gisele Muller

Thank you for your Service


Robintek is proud to offer our active and reserve military personnel free photo sessions for them and their families. Help spread the word so we can help as many families as we can!

Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Showcase of Amazing Geometric & Polygonal Artwork

I never really was a fan of geometry or shapes, but when it comes to design work I always love how using simple shapes and polygons can create some really cool images. Here is a showcase of some designs that use shapes and polygons to create beautiful and detailed images. Check them all out here.

“Most of the artwork I produce myself for tutorials here on Blog.SpoonGraphics are based on basic geometric shapes. I’ve had plenty of fun in the past creating posters and designs using various geometric patterns. Today we’re going to take a look at some amazing artwork from elsewhere on the web, all of which are either constructed using polygonal meshes or simplified with basic geometric shapes.”

-Chris Spooner


New Website Design and Launch – Guild Associates

GA_LogoCheck out our new website launch, Guild Associates, a technology and engineering research website with new product management and online ordering.

Founded in 1981, Guild Associates started by providing technical services and contract R&D to local industries. With industrial success, and as an early participant in the SBIR program, Guild Associates quickly grew its reputation in chemical and adsorption sciences. The company grew in the philosophy of the medieval guilds, which were associations of craftsman known for their skill, expertise and quality.

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