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The Challenge

When the WiSys team contacted Robintek, they had an existing website, however it was in need of a major update. The site was not responsive, and the design didn’t reflect their brand well. They needed their website to be mobile responsive with a focus on improving user experience and increasing organic leads. They wanted recommendations to improve their navigation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and they needed a team that could implement those recommendations. They wanted to improve the overall look and feel of the site as well as it’s functionality so they could better engage with and serve their customers.

In addition to their new website, WiSys also wanted to find a partner that could design and produce print marketing materials, various trade show booth display designs, branded powerpoint templates, and other marketing assets to support their sales team.

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WiSys Responsive Website Design on multiple Devices

About the Client

Wisys is a software company serving the manufacturing and logistics industries with their supply chain management solutions. Their solutions integrate with Macola and SAP Business One ERP systems, adding value for their customers with real-time data and automating unique business processes. Their suite of applications helps their customers achieve efficient warehouse management, lean manufacturing, and streamlined shipping.

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WiSys Website

Creative Solutions

Robintek’s team is a great fit for WiSys’ needs. As a full-service website design and creative agency, our team includes experts in marketing strategy, website design and development, programming, graphic design, and Search Engine Optimization. We were able to work in partnership with the Wisys team to design and develop solutions to fit their needs. We redesigned their website to be mobile responsive and focused on customer engagement and user experience. We implemented a new search engine optimization strategy that combines current best practices and a targeted SEO strategy for WiSys. In addition to our digital solutions, we worked with Wisys to design marketing materials to support their sales team including flyer designs, trade show booth design and materials, presentation materials, and more.

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WiSys Website

Website Redesign

We created a modern, professional website design for WiSys that incorporated their brand elements throughout. We used their brand colors, black, grey, and yellow to create a cohesive look and feel while highlighting important information and calls to action. We utilized angled elements to tie into the WiSys logo with its angular design. We also included icons and secondary colors to differentiate the various products and industries WiSys offers and serves.

WiSys Website

Navigation and SEO Improvements

Robintek worked with WiSys to update their site structure and navigation to improve user experience and make navigation more intuitive. They offer a variety of products to several different industries and needed their navigation to be simple and easy to understand. We utilized a mega menu with category headings to achieve hierarchy and allow visitors to easily find content. We also built the site to maximize the impact of SEO improvements, focusing on best practices and competitive industry specific strategy.

WiSys Website

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Our team built the new site in WordPress, as a fully responsive website. This allows the site to perform optimally and look great no matter what device it is viewed on. Since the majority of online visitors now view websites on their phones, having a responsive website was a priority for WiSys. In addition to being user friendly, SEO is negatively impacted if a business website is not mobile responsive.

WiSys Print Materials

Marketing Materials

The WiSys team needed marketing collateral pieces developed for use by their sales team. These items included flyers, seat drops for presentations, presentation templates, and brochures. Robintek’s graphic designers created these assets, including brand elements and colors throughout for a cohesive marketing suite. Our team continues to work in concert with the WiSys team to develop marketing materials as they are needed. These assets reflect the WiSys brand & style, and convey their message clearly & professionally to potential clients.


Trade Show Booth Design

WiSys exhibits at several trade shows each year. Their sales team works with Robintek to design and produce their booth designs for these shows. Robintek is experienced in designing a wide variety of trade show booths, pull up banners, flags, and tablecloths. The WiSys team uses several different booth elements, some include panels which are updated based on the trade show audience, and others which are more evergreen.


WiSys Kiosk


The WiSys team is proud to partner with Robintek as they continue to update their website and marketing materials. They are very happy with their website’s updated design and functionality. They are better able to make updates to their site and the website performs better. They are better able to engage with their customers online. They are also thrilled with their marketing materials and continue to partner with Robintek to create new pieces that are inline with their brand standards. Robintek is proud to serve WiSys as a complement to their team.


“WiSys partnered with Robintek because we needed to improve our companies’ image. In the past we did everything on our own. Now we have grown and we needed to project a more polished and professional image. Robintek is getting us there piece by piece: Business Cards, Marketing Collateral, Presentations, and website. It’s like having 10 people for the price of one full time worker. Never looked back. Go Robintek”

Bob Hawk, Director of Sales

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