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The Challenge

The Mueller Electric team contacted Robintek because they were looking to update their WordPress site of 1200+ parts into a catalog ecommerce site. They also needed some custom features including a stock check tied into distributor inventory and advanced product search and sort options. They wanted to create a custom website that was focused on user experience, with every element organized and designed to streamline user’s ability to find the products they need.

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Mueller Electric Website

About the Client

Mueller Electric is one of the leading suppliers of alligator clips, custom assemblies, and electrical components. They are credited with creating and developing some of the most easily recognizable electrical clips and clamps in use today. Based in Akron, Ohio, Mueller Electric has been an innovative electrical component manufacturer for over 100 years. They manufacture and assemble electrical parts and OEM assemblies for use across multiple industries including instrumentation, battery, underground sensing, paint grounding, medical, aerospace and transportation, military and defense, and testing and measurement.

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Mueller Electric Website

Creative Solutions

The Robintek team was excited to tackle this challenging website design and build. We worked closely with the Mueller Electric team to develop the site structure for their new custom ASP.NET website and tailor the functionality to their requirements. Our programming team designed and built Mueller’s digital catalog based on this structure and modeled the search functionality to best suit their customer’s needs. Robintek’s design team incorporated Mueller Electric’s current brand elements into a organized, modern design, that worked in concert with the site’s functionality to drive engagement and create a cohesive user experience. The redesign helps Mueller Electric’s team better reach & serve existing clients and potential customers.

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Mueller Electric Website

UX focused website design

We created the Mueller Electric prototype design to be modern and well organized, driving lead generation & streamlining the user experience (UX). We accomplished these goals through creating clear, targeted navigation and page hierarchy, using a narrative style throughout the homepage content accompanied by complementary calls to action, and leveraging Mueller’s existing brand elements and style. We simplified the main menu and carefully chosen the elements included on the homepage and their position on the page to guide users to the information or products they need.

Mueller Electric Website Product Search

Advanced product search

Mueller Electric’s full catalog of products includes a wide variety of categories and variants. They needed their customers to be able to easily filter and sort with custom advanced product search functionality. Robintek’s programmers worked directly with the Mueller Electric team to model and build the products section of the new site. Users can search by part number, keyword, or sort products with an array of filter options. This advanced search and sort functionality was designed specifically to meet the needs of Mueller Electric’s customers.

Mueller Electric Website

Product management and
administrative controls

One of the benefits of a completely custom website is the ability to tailor product management and administrative controls to the needs of the client. For Mueller Electric this meant creating an easy way for the administrative team to update products with a lot of variables. We custom built product management tools and controls to allow Mueller Electric’s team to easily update products, manage content, and tie in with data from distributors.


The Mueller Electric team was thrilled with the result of their new custom ecommerce website. They appreciated the ease of communication between Robintek’s team and theirs as we worked together to develop a tailored solution for managing their large product line. Mueller Electric appreciated the attention to detail used in developing their product search and sort functionality which allows their customers to easily find the products they need. Overall, the site redesign allows the Mueller Electric team to better reach and serve their customers, and support their distributors.


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