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Product Videos for Customers

What better way to show off your product or service than a professional, entertaining, high-quality marketing video? Studies have shown that customers are much more likely to visit your website, return to your business, and make a purchase when you engage them with video.

To start thinking about what type of video you want to create, ask yourself, “What benefits do our products and services offer to our customers, and how can I communicate that they need this in their life?” You’re already invested in your product and believe it’s something your customer cannot live without. A professionally produced, interactive web video can help you communicate this and create a personal connection to your customers.

Demonstrate the features, benefits, and value of your product with video.

Professional Effects

Depending on the story you’re telling, our videographers will tie the project together with the following effects:

  • HD Video
  • Music
  • Sounds effects
  • Interactive video buttons
  • Video quizzes
  • Fly-in video graphics


The delivery of your message is crucial to your video’s success. Robintek can help embed your video on your website, email blasts, social media platforms, and much more, to reach as wide of an audience as possible. Our number one priority is to provide you with the best tools to maximize your project’s ROI.


Company Training Videos

Your company expects nothing but the best from its employees. To meet those high expectations, you need to provide them with the best possible training. Efficient training of your staff requires that you give them the right tools they need to learn the job. But how can you accomplish this and get the most out of your investment?

Our experienced video production team can create interactive online videos to train your employees. Whether you need to communicate your company’s overall customer service principles or provide detailed instructions on performing specific work tasks, our professionally produced and edited videos will help take your employees’ knowledge and skills to the next level.

Story Board Guidance

Your storyboard is crucial to your video’s concept. It gives you a visual snapshot of your story and helps you powerfully communicate your message. You and your team have the most knowledge of your product, service, or training program. Provide us with the content, and Robintek will guide you through the rest to create a unique, effective message that will grab and hold the attention of your viewers.

Voiceover Talent

Easily select the best voice to tell your story. Robintek provides voiceover talent that is hand-selected by you! We pull sample excerpts from your script, create recordings, and let you pick from several different voiceover talents to best represent your brand.

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