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The Challenge

The King Arts Complex team needed a redesign and rebuild of their old website. Their old website was difficult to update, didn’t reflect their brand well, and was time consuming to maintain. As an arts and culture organization The King Arts Complex needed a website that would help them manage and promote a wide variety of events, programs, and exhibits. They also wanted their website to be a better platform for communicating with community members already involved with them, and attract and educate visitors. Functionally, they needed to be able to update and manage their site quickly and easily so their attention and efforts could be focused on their community and programming.

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King Arts Complex website on screens

About the Client

The Martin Luther King Jr. Performing and Cultural Arts Complex is located on the near east side of Columbus, Ohio, one of the oldest areas of African-American life in the city. Their mission is to connect community through the arts. They showcase performing, cultural and educational programs and exhibits that serve to increase and disseminate knowledge regarding the vast and significant contributions of African-Americans to the culture and history of America and the world.

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Creative Solutions

Robintek was honored to work with The King Arts Complex to redesign their website and partner with them to find online solutions that help them advance their mission and connect with the community. We designed The King Arts Complex website to be an extension of the vibrant spirit and further the mission of the organization. Through a strong visual representation of the brand and dedication to promoting and clearly conveying information to site visitors, the website will serve as a tool to help connect community through the arts.

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King Arts Complex Website Home Page

Brand and Visual Representation

The King Arts Complex brand is strong and dynamic, utilizing many colors from the kente cloth incorporated in the logo. We used these colors and design elements throughout the site design, creating a cohesive look and feel for the website that encompassed the cultural significance and dynamic energy the organization represents. We also incorporated large images showing the variety of programs, classes, and exhibits offered through the King Arts Complex.

King Arts Complex Website Home Page

Navigation and User Experience

We reorganized the main menu to streamline navigation in line with current best practices for user experience and with organizational priorities in mind. We wanted to make sure that website visitors were able to easily find information on the site. We also wanted the navigation to reflect the various components of The King Arts Complex, including programs, events, rentals, and getting involved.

King Arts Complex Website Events Page

Program and Event Calendar

One of the core functionality elements The King Arts Complex team needed incorporated in their new website was a calendar to manage and promote their programs and events. We worked with them to find the best solution to fit their needs, including management options, sharing capabilities, and budget.

“I just wanted to say thank you again for yours and Robintek’s amazing service. It used to be a nightmare coming into work every day with the KAC website being down due to no fault of my own. You all have saved me from many headaches. I will be forever grateful.”

Casey McCarty, King Arts Complex


The King Arts Complex team loved the new redesign of their website. They thought the look and feel of the site embodied their brand, and the history and passion behind it. The reorganization of the site allowed them to better communicate their message, programs, and opportunities to the community. Functionally, the new website is easier to manage and update, allowing their team to keep their focus where it belongs- connecting the community with the arts. Robintek is proud to continue to work with The King Arts Complex with their digital presence.


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