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The Challenge

The ADAMH team contacted Robintek when they were exploring options for redesigning and overhauling their website to better serve their community and communicate their mission.

The existing ADAMH website was large, and difficult to navigate. While it included important information for the various groups they serve and partner with, much of that content was not organized or written in an accessible way for their intended audience. The ADAMH team needed a web design agency that could meet these challenges and deliver results.

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About the Client

The Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH) helps Franklin County residents find the right places to turn for affordable, quality alcohol, substance use disorder and mental health services. Their mission is to improve the well-being of Franklin County by reducing mental health problems and eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. ADAMH works to improve access to quality, affordable care services in in Franklin County. They are mandated to evaluate community services and availability, identify care gaps, plan improvements, fund needed growth, and help connect people with providers.

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Creative Solutions

Robintek was a great fit for this project, as a local web design company and digital agency our team is experienced in evaluating and developing digital strategy and using that insight to design and build eye catching, user experience centered websites. We partnered with ADAMH to research and evaluate their current digital presence, develop a comprehensive digital strategy, and redesign and reorganize their website to better serve their community and work to achieve their goals.

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ADAMH Website UX

User Experience Report

ADAMH’s User Experience report allowed their team get a clear picture of how their website was performing and what aspects of their site and strategy could use an update in order to achieve their organizational goals.

The report combines analytical data review, interviews with key staff members, interviews or surveys of target audience groups, and analysis by experienced web designers and search engine optimization (SEO) experts. That information, when compared to the operational objectives of ADAMH, was used to make decisions and recommendations on how to adjust the design, navigation, and messaging to better achieve those objectives.


Content strategy and
navigation optimization

The User Experience Report provided key information about how to improve the ADAMH website’s content and navigation. We simplified the navigation, focusing on user experience. This user centered approach drove content strategy updates as well. Robintek’s team worked with ADAMH to reorganize the website to better serve their community. This community includes individuals seeking help, loved ones and family members looking for guidance on how to provide care for someone else, providers and agency partners, and franklin county residents. We implemented changes that would help ADAMH better connect with and serve each of these groups, through clear navigation and tailored content.


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ADAMH Website Network

Custom sort and search functionality

One of ADAMH’s core purposes is to connect individuals with providers to get the care they need. As part of this, the ADAMH website includes provider listings on their website. Our team created a custom designed post type so the ADAMH team could easily update and manage each provider listing. We also created custom sort functionality for these listings based on feedback from the ADAMH team to support easy sorting by category.

ADAMH Website Find Help Page

Website Redesign

The Robintek team created a new website design focused on improving user experience, SEO, and communication with ADAMH’s audience groups. We created a modern layout that is visually appealing, clear, and easy to navigate. We utilized ADAMH’s brand colors to create a cohesive, bright look for the site. We’ve included icons and colorful illustrations throughout the site to assist in communicating ADAMH’s message. Information was reorganized to tell ADAMH’s story and clearly communicate to visitors the board’s mandate, mission, and place in the community.

ADAMH Website Staff Directory

Event Calendars

The new ADAMH website includes two unique event calendars. The ADAMH team needed a public event calendar and a provider specific event calendar. Our teams worked together to find a solution that would allow the ADAMH team to communicate upcoming event information to these two groups effectively. Each calendar includes search and export functionality.


The ADAMH team is thrilled with their new look and functionality of their website. The User Experience Report provided important information that has helped shape their digital strategy to better improve their website and connect with their audience. They love the new icons and illustrations that reinforce their message and help with communication and navigation. They are happy with their improved site performance and ease of content management and updates. Overall, the ADAMH team is impressed with the results of their website redesign, and they’ve continued to partner with Robintek to implement new initiatives.


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