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The Challenge

CJE Restoration contacted us as they were in the process of establishing their business. Their team had extensive experience with other remodeling and contracting companies and were excited about their new venture. They needed a partner that could help them create their brand from the ground up. They wanted to find a creative agency that was experienced in developing memorable brand assets like their logo, color scheme, and other marketing assets, skilled in crafting a website that showcased their services and told their story, and capable of producing print materials to get the word out about their new company.

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CJE Restoration Mobile Website Design

About the Client

CJE Restoration is a family-owned exterior remodeling business in Columbus, Ohio with a passion for providing superior service in roofing, siding, windows, gutters, exterior trim, and insulation. With decades of experience among their team, they believe in keeping their promises and delivering great work.

The details make the difference and from start to finish we make sure every aspect of your restoration meets the highest quality, so your work is done right the first time. The goal for CJE is to provide the same level of quality and service on every job that they would expect with their own homes. From historic home restoration to modern home repair CJE knows your home is important to you, so it’s important to them.

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CJE Mobile and Tablet Website Design

Creative Solutions

We worked with CJE Restoration to establish their brand assets, website and marketing materials. They had an idea of the direction they wanted to go with their branding and we were able to help bring those ideas to life. We were then able to build their brand and marketing assets around this foundation. We made sure to listen to the CJE Restoration team throughout the process, keeping their business goals at the forefront of everything we did. We were able to work together to create a dynamic, beautiful website that is optimized for user experience and SEO, and communicates their brand’s message clearly to potential customers.

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CJE Website Services

Strategy & Marketing Consultation

Robintek worked closely with the CJE team to collaborate on their strategy, brand positioning and marketing. We were able to help CJE define their brand and leverage their brand, online and print assets to be as effective as possible for them. Our team was able to provide recommendations built around CJE Restoration’s goals. We were then able to define and implement action items based on these recommendations.

CJE Logo Design

Logo Design and Branding Development

CJE Restoration had a strong vision for the direction they wanted their brand to take visually. They are based and Dublin, Ohio and wanted to incorporate shamrock imagery and fresh green colors. We were able to design several options for them and narrow down the options until we arrived at the final design.

CJE Home Restoration Website Design

Custom website design

We created a custom website design for CJE Restoration that was modern, stylish, and clear. We incorporated best practices for web and SEO to optimize their site and tailored their navigation and message to give them an edge in the industry. We incorporated elements including simple navigation, engaging calls to action, and eye-catching imagery to positively affect user experience. We incorporated their branding elements throughout to create a cohesive look and feel for all their communications and marketing materials.

Print Marketing Materials: Business Cards, Door Hangers, and Yard Signs

In order to get the word out about their new business, CJE Restoration needed several print assets created. We created custom business cards, door hangers and yard signs for them, incorporating their brand, style, and messaging. We worked with them to finalize the designs and print the final products.


CJE Business Card Graphic Design
CJE Business Card Graphic Design
CJE Graphic Design Door Hanger


The CJE Restoration team was happy to find a partner that was focused on learning what they wanted to accomplish as a business and creating their digital and print solutions centered around their goals. CJE was impressed with our approach and the results. They were proud of the way their website and print materials looked, but more importantly they were thrilled with how all their brand assets and marketing materials are tailored to embody their message, communicate their services, and encourage engagement with their potential clients.


“I spent a few months looking for a company that would partner with me to design a webpage for my new company, which at the time was only a concept and had no name. I met with Joe Jorgenson to go over my plan. Joe took a consultative approach and focused on what I wanted to accomplish, how I came about my concept, and what the core values of my concept were. I felt that Joe knew exactly what he was doing and was confident from the initial meeting that this was the company that I wanted to work with. After an in-depth conversation on what my expectations were, we discussed budget. It was an easy conversation and decision because Robintek was more interested in being a partner in the growth of my company and our long-term success than what I was willing to pay up front.

They designed my logo, holding page and helped me decide on a name within a few conversations, I was amazed. The website that they designed exudes exactly what my company is and what we are trying to accomplish. I could go on for hours about how amazing and insightful everyone at Robintek has been and how lucky I am to have found a company that truly is a partner in my business. I owe a big part of my growth and success this year to the team at Robintek, they have helped shape my business and brand. ”

Josh Matzinger, Partner, CJE Restoration

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