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The Challenge

Metro Parks came to us looking for an agency that could partner with them to redesign and reorganize their current website. They wanted to improve user experience, and increase engagement through better storytelling and visuals. Their current website was difficult to navigate and update. It had multiple inefficiencies and problems that prevented users from finding content. Beyond being difficult to use, the site didn’t represent the Metro Parks brand well, under utilizing brand assets including a large library of images. In addition to the website redesign and reorganization, Metro Parks wanted a team that could provide ongoing maintenance and updates to the site, analysis, and marketing recommendations.

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Metro Parks website on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens

About the Client

Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks (Metro Parks) is a public agency serving the citizens of Central Ohio by providing a regional system of clean, safe, natural area parks. Metro Parks features 19 outstanding natural area parks with more than 230 miles of trails and over 27,700 acres of land in seven Central Ohio counties.

Metro Parks website on tablet screen

Creative Solutions

We worked with Metro Parks to reorganize their site based on analytics and their marketing initiatives. Using this guidance, we redesigned the Metro Parks website to be a stunning introduction to the parks and all they have to offer. We worked with Metro Parks to develop new content rooted in storytelling to better communicate to and engage with users.

Metro Parks had a budget they needed to stick to, and we made sure to accomplish their goals within their budget. We continue to partner with Metro Parks on new initiatives, continual improvements to their site, and various marketing projects.

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Metro Parks website Farm School Tours page layout design

Improving User Experience

Metro Parks main priority for the website redesign was to improve user experience. To accomplish this goal, we analyzed data from the current website, reviewed user feedback, and worked with Metro Parks to understand their marketing initiatives. We then used this information to reorganize navigation, develop marketing funnels, add calls-to-action, and create new pages and content where needed to address these objectives. The new navigation is streamlined, and utilizes a mega menu for easy navigation and overviews of site content. Content is organized in logical categories so users can browse the site by park or interest.

Metro Parks website Giving page layout design

Better Storytelling & Visuals

Metro Parks has a large library of beautiful visuals that they were under utilizing because their original site was difficult to update, and didn’t offer layouts showcasing imagery. Metro Parks works hard to promote natural spaces and outdoor activities so we wanted to use striking images of these incredible places to encourage visitors to get outside and enjoy their parks. We also updated content throughout the site to better tell the Metro Parks story with a conversational, engaging tone to better reflect the Metro Parks brand.

Metro Parks website home page layout design

Increase Engagement

We worked with Metro Parks on several initiatives to increase engagement with website users. We added relevant calls to action throughout the site, added prominent email signups, and integrated social media feeds. We also proposed and created a new area of the site dedicated to specific audience interests. These landing pages help communicate topical program and activity information encompassing all 19 parks rather than a user having to search within each park. This area also allows users to have a broad overview of the programs and activities available through Metro Parks, encouraging curiosity, and enticing new visitors to sample a wider variety of park programs.

A partnership for ongoing initiatives

Our partnership with Metro Parks has grown since the initial website redesign. We continue to work together developing online solutions to meet Metro Parks marketing goals. Our team works closely with Metro Parks to identify potential opportunities to advance Metro Parks mission, and see those projects through to completion.

Metro Parks website on desktop screen

Marketing Materials

Print Design, Tradeshows, Banners, Posters & More!

In addition to our online objectives we’ve been able to work with Metro Parks on several print design pieces for their brand. These include designs for their Parkscope Program Guide, banners for events, and displays for tradeshows. Robintek is proud to work with Metro Parks, and function as a seamless extension of their passionate team.


Since the site went live Metro Parks has reported that user feedback has been very positive. They loved the new site design and how it embodied their mission and brand. Their site has generated more engagement through page views and email signups. Metro Parks staff members have seen a marked decrease in the amount of time they spend of the phone helping online visitors. They are also happy to be able to make updates to their site easily, allowing them to better communicate with their visitors. Metro Parks has enjoyed working in tandem with the Robintek team to meet their strategic goals through strategic planning, website improvements, and print designs.

Metro Parks is dedicated to conserving open spaces while providing places and opportunities that encourage people to discover and experience nature. As central Ohio locals, our team has enjoyed various Metro Parks locations and programs over the years and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with them to further their mission.


“Since the web site went live, we have inundated your folks with a multitude of requests and questions about doing something on the new site and even a few things not on topic. I am just amazed at how quickly everyone at Robintek is in responding to our staff. It has truly been a joy to work with everyone on your team. We have all learned so much about the user experience and how to do things on the web. Your patience is so encouraging. On behalf of everyone here at Metro Parks, a sincere thanks.”

Peg Hanley, Public Information Manager

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