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Web Design and Development

Who will work on my website?

Meet our team here! Our web development team takes pride in helping business’ grow, and we enjoy the relationships we build with each of our clients. We approach each project thoughtfully, engaging with our clients to fully understand their business needs so that the solutions we build them are not only creative and visually appealing but also build a strong foundation for future growth.

Will I be able to edit my website myself?

Absolutely! Robintek will provide training to you and your team so that you will be able to make updates to text, photos, and menus.

Do you outsource development work?

No – we do all work in-house!

What industries do you work with?

We enjoy working with all industries! We’ve worked with healthcare facilities, dentists, insurance companies, educators, startups, restaurateurs, marketers, and a wide array of other clients. We are able to serve clients in all these industries by building strong working relationships based on mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s work. We love working with people who are passionate about what they do.

What is the turnaround time for web design projects?

We realize that “it depends” sounds like a bit of a cop-out answer, but the size and scope of the project does play into the amount of time it takes. On average, website builds take around 5-6 weeks.

What do you charge for website development?

Our pricing is based on an hourly rate and varies depending on the complexity of your project. We are able to give you a quote after meeting with you to discuss the details. The best way to get this process started is to request a free consultation.

How do I pay and do I need to pay upfront?

We bill for all work performed in the prior month on the 1st, and on website project, we request a 50% deposit.

Will my website be built with good SEO?

Yes – we are sure to adhere to the most up-to-date standards that search engines look for when considering how highly to rank your website, including meta titles and descriptions, speed, and mobile responsiveness.

Does Robintek do WordPress website design?

Yes, we’re happy to work to create a custom WordPress design for your website if that’s the content management system you prefer. In fact we recommend WordPress as a platform to many customers depending on their needs

After my website is finished can you help me with updates and edits?

Yes we can! We bill in 15-minute increments for updates, and we seek approval from the client for all work to be performed.

Do you offer marketing and development support after my website is completed?

Yes we do! We offer a full suite of marketing services, from SEO and Social Media management to content writing and graphic design.

Where should I host my website?

Robintek offers hosting through LiquidWeb, which is a safe, secure, and fast environment for your website.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO encompasses the quality and quantity of your business’ web presence. It has grown from just being all about keywords and phrases to your social media presence, local listing accuracy, and website speed, just to name a few things.

Can’t I just put a bunch of keywords on my website?

“Content is king” certainly rings true here, and the more keyword-rich your content is, the better. However, it needs to make sense contextually, as search engine crawlers are now sophisticated enough to truly read content to be sure it makes sense.

What affects SEO rankings?

The list is ever growing, but the biggest items are your website’s content and speed, the number of quality content pages you have, meta data (descriptions, titles, alt tags), and social media following and engagement, but also backlinks, directory listing data, and paid search all have an effect.

How do I make my website appear first on google?

There is no magic bullet for this – if someone tells you there is, run fast and run far. All the items mentioned in this section: Keyword density, local listing accuracy, website speed, social media presence and engagement, meta data, and backlinks all need to be addressed for your website to have the chance to appear number one under a particular search term, let alone under multiple.

How do I find keywords?

Check competitor websites, use Google’s Keyword Planner, ask customers what they would search to find you, and look at your business as a consumer to think what you would type in the search bar to find yourself!

What are SEO tools?

There are many “tools” that can be considered for use in SEO; it can be something as simple as a WordPress plugin to a dashboard that allows you to look at keyword data and website speed.

Why is SEO needed?

SEO is immensely important for companies to make sure that current and potential customers can find them on the web. Companies with a good web presence will show in searches under multiple search terms, and they in turn are able to collect more leads and convert more business.

Once my website is built, I don’t have to worry about SEO anymore, right?

Wrong! SEO is not only important to keep in mind during the building of your website, but it continues in the months and years to follow. Think of it as eating right and exercising – once you get to where you want to be, you can’t just stop, you’ve got to maintain. SEO works the same way!

I never click on the “ads” at the top of a search results page, why would anyone else?

Your ads must be engaging and informative to make the customer want to learn more. What makes customers more likely to visit your website is if your business shows up in the ads AND organically – this shows your website is reputable enough to have good presence on its own, and your ad is speaking to exactly what that customer needs at that moment.


How do I get an ecommerce website?

Reach out to us and schedule a free consultation today!  We’ve got a bevy of options we can help you with, ranging from WooCommerce, Shopify, or even a larger marketplace like Etsy.

How do I get products for my ecommerce website?

Have your own products you’ve created and want to sell? Then you’re all set to go! Have an idea for products or services? Let us know and we’ll help!

Should I build my own ecommerce website?

There are some good off-the-shelf options for DIY websites such as Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly, and for limited budget startups, those work just fine. Robintek can help in whatever capacity is needed, from recommending a platform, to helping with product entry, to actually having our talented designers and developers put one together for you!

Which website builder is best for ecommerce?

Robintek works with multiple platforms for ecommerce websites such as WooCommerce (through WordPress) and Shopify, and also has the ability to build completely custom shopping cart and ecommerce solutions, tailored to your exact specifications!

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce website from scratch?

Much like the answer to the question “how does a house cost” or “how much does a car cost”, the answer to this is, “it depends.” The number of products, the amount of other content on the site, and the level of design all factor into the total cost for a website. Reach out for a consultation today and we can give a better idea!

Do you do product photography for eCommerce?

Yes! Robintek Photography has the skill, knowledge and experience to create beautiful product photos for any of your eCommerce website needs. We are able to accommodate anything from high volume studio shots to editorial style products and featured product shoots on location. We can quote per product or with an hourly rate.

Social Media

How do I manage social media for business?

While social media likely will not directly win you business, it certainly helps with your SEO, gives your brand a voice, and in some cases, can lose you business. It is important to develop a manner of speaking on social media that reflects your company’s values and style.

How can businesses use social media?

Social media can be used to promote products and services, engage with customers, and even to comment on what’s happening in the world (though it’s definitely best to stay away from hot button political topics.)

Does social media improve business?

Used properly, social media does a great job of providing a voice for a business that can draw people in and see exactly what they’re about. Again, it may not directly result in bottom line sales, but it is important to be out there and letting your customers know you are active.

How is social media used for marketing?

Promoting products and services, and on occasion specials, is a great way to draw customers in, depending on your niche. Where it is easy for a shop with actual products to show what they have on social, it is much more difficult for an attorney or a dentist, due to the natures of everyone’s respective businesses.

What are examples of social media marketing?

Using Facebook and Instagram to promote products, announcing sales and happenings inside your shop, and engaging with your customer base are all great ways to market using social media!

What is a social media strategy?

A social media strategy allows a company to create a voice and tone that it wants to use to address its customers, and also lays out a roadmap for anyone who will be managing the accounts. Whether that is done in house or by an agency such as Robintek, knowing how to say what you want to say is important!

What’s my ROI for leveraging social media?

The idea here is the long haul – throwing time and money at social media is not a quick fix. Social media is the new “word of mouth” – a positive, engaging presence makes your business appear friendly and approachable.

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