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Need help filling seats?

Does your business have a need to schedule and organize events? Robintek’s event management system can optimize your workflow. Community centers, churches, and health care centers like the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) have utilized our event management system to successfully run workshops, conferences, and seminars. You and your team members can easily manage payments, register participants, and much more, all through our online portal.

Convention Registration & Management Platform:

Our event management system can be customized to meet the precise needs of your organization. By incorporating your existing branding and page formatting, our applications tie in seamlessly with your company’s current online presence.

If you run flawless events, clients and members will continue to come back. Keep your events operating smoothly with our system that’s tailored specifically to you. With Robintek’s event management system, you can:

  • Schedule workshops, conferences, and seminars and publish the information to your website.
  • Manage online registration with secure storage of membership information as well as the ability to set costs and accept payments.
  • Create simple or complex events. Allows for multi-day, multi-session events where participants can register for a variety of presentations or seminars at various times and locations.
  • Utilize a comprehensive contact management system. Streamline your ability to manage your registrants or search your database by registrant name, event, group or facility, specific session, etc.
  • Allow for discounts, early bird registration, member and non-member pricing, coupons, and group discounts.
  • Provide digital check in and name badge creation.
  • Create events based on previous entries.
  • Generate extensive reports for your use including: history of attendance for groups/facilities, registration fees, name bade reports, certificate reports, etc.
  • Print certificates online after an event linked to registration.
  • Offer separate registration for Exhibitors.

“In addition to the ease of the front end of our registration platform, the administrative functionality of the system is exceptional. We have saved countless staff hours due to the effectiveness of the program. Your quick response on any change we would like to make or any issue we have is also much appreciated. This efficiency is something for you to be proud of. We still marvel at how quickly a response is provided. It continues to be a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to your support in the future.”

Kathy Chapman, CMP

Education Director
Ohio Health Care Association

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