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Managed WordPress Hosting

Get faster loading times and better availability with Robintek’s enhanced web hosting services. We’ve partnered with Liquid Web and Amazon Web Services to offer a managed WordPress server ready to fulfill all your hosting needs. With improved security, multiple layers of redundancy, and scalable resources, Robintek can ensure that your site will run quickly and consistently, even if your website is swarming with traffic.

Enhanced Hosting

99% Uptime Guarantee

If you’re currently paying for hosting with too much downtime, you could be losing out on major business. Robintek guarantees a 99% uptime rate, so your website is continuously available for you and your customers.

Local Backups

With Robintek web hosting, your website is backed up on our local servers, so you don’t have to worry about making an editing mistake or losing your data.

Cloud Backups

In addition to local backups, we also back up your website to the cloud. Adding this extra layer of support and protection ensures that you’re never at risk of losing your data.

Ongoing Security and Maintenance

Keep your website safe and running optimally at all times. We implement weekly proactive security and maintenance updates for all our hosted sites to ensure the best performance, protection, and dependability.

Scalable Resources

Whatever the size or complexity of your website, our hosting service has you covered. Our resources are entirely scalable, so you can add more storage space, CPU, and memory when you need it.

Redundant Data Center

We utilize multiple data centers with robust security for our web hosting services. Even if there’s a problem with one data center, another is always available to support your website.

Faster Response Time

Get better support faster. With hosting services from Robintek, you’ll get the attention, responsiveness, and tech support of a small company with the speed, security, and performance of a large web host.

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Benefits of hosting with Robintek

Let Robintek take care of hosting so you can focus on your business. Don’t waste time on long, frustrating calls with tech support when something goes wrong. By controlling all elements of your web hosting and website management, we can resolve issues and restore sites with speed. Plus, with our comprehensive security, maintenance, and backup services, your website is fully protected in case of any downtime or attempted hacking.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of reliable web hosting to maintain your online visibility and manage your processes. Our expert development and technology team is always available and responsive in case of any problems or concerns. In the rare event of an outage, we’re dedicated to resolving the issue immediately.

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