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The Challenge

When we met with the team at busSTRUT they had an older website that didn’t meet their needs or properly represent their company and innovative product. They needed a website that reflected their brand and was an engaging marketing tool for introducing and educating potential clients about their mechanical and electrical distribution system. Their system was also complex, and they wanted to illustrate and communicate each component and benefit of their system without confusing or overwhelming their customers. Ultimately, they wanted to create a more engaging site that would inspire more customer interactions and lead to more introductory meetings.

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BusSTRUT Mobile Website Design

About the Client

busSTRUT allows for lighting, power, data, and decor elements to be added or moved as needed on one mechanical and electrical distribution system. busSTRUT system has helped hundreds of locations look better, work better, and cost less.

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Foundations Website on Screens

Creative Solutions

Robintek created a modern, streamlined design that clearly explains the busSTRUT product. We included interactive graphics of the busSTRUT system, where users can add or remove various elements of the busSTRUT grid. This feature allows visitors to see how comprehensive and innovative the busSTRUT system is. We also included a section calling out what makes busSTRUT different from traditional systems. busSTRUT has solved many of the challenges of architectural and electro-mechanical systems, and we wanted to highlight those innovations.

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BusSTRUT Website Design System

Custom Business Website Design

We created a modern, streamlined design that clearly explains the busSTRUT product. Our goal was to create a design that was visually engaging; using design elements and a storytelling style to inspire users to contact busSTRUT. We did this in three ways, introducing the company & product, educating visitors and encouraging connections with calls to action.

BusSTRUT Website Design Layout Options

Custom interactive animations

In order to help visitors better understand the busSTRUT system and all it’s components we helped create several interactive graphics and animations throughout the site. These include a custom homepage animation showing each category of the system adding and subtracting from the base structure, as well as custom flip boxes, light boxes, and animations.

BusSTRUT Website Design

Custom subpage design

The team at busSTRUT had a vision for their new site that included custom designs for every subpage of the site. We worked with them to realize this vision with custom, interactive designs that clearly communicated the content for each subpage.


busSTRUT loved the new look and functionality of their website. The new site realized their vision, clearly communicated the various aspects of their product, and allowed them to better interact with their clients. Since their website went live, busSTRUT’s leadership has enjoyed the ease of making updates using the WordPress system. They were glad to have found a local partner in Robintek who was able to meet all their needs with their custom design and development needs.


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