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EXPERT SERIES – The Difference Between Good and Bad Content—And Why It Matters

By Pat Giammarco, our new partner with PWG Marketing

Content is the lifeblood of your website. Visitors to your site are looking to gain something from viewing your website: blogs, articles, and ideas. All of these elements work together to convey your message and define your brand.

But, let’s face it… not all content is created equal.

Good content is interesting, actionable, well-written, and properly formatted.

Bad content is, well, bad.

Keep It Interestingdesktop computer news

Content should be interesting. It should be useful and answer questions or address your readers’ needs. Higher user engagement—how long a person stays on your site after clicking a link from a search engine—helps improve your site’s page rank. More importantly: interesting content gives a user a reason to stick around and to return.

Ask yourself why someone would read your content. What would keep them hooked and spending time on your site? These are questions that you must answer when creating content for your website. Users want real information that provides something they need, not generic filler material.

Action Is Important

Content should always contain a call to action. The most important reason to write something is to get people to do something, such as make a purchase, change an opinion, or simply continue reading. Does your content tell your reader what you want them to do?

If you’re writing about a product that you’re selling, the article should contain a link to purchase that product. If you’re promoting an event, you should tell the reader how to buy a ticket to attend. You also may feature articles and blogs that aren’t for promotional purposes. Sometimes, a persuasive article may serve to encourage the user to continue reading at another source.

Spelling and Grammar Matter

Good content is well written. Content must be free from errors, readable, and easy to understand. Spelling mistakes and confusing sentences can turn readers away, even if the ideas are great. Readers won’t accept your webpage as expert content if they have to wade through comma splices and poor spelling to make sense of it.

Proper writing may not be an easy task for everyone, but spending a few extra dollars for professional writing or editing will be better for your business than pushing through with bad content.

Keep It Organized

All of your content should be properly formatted for readability and labeled with an easy-to-understand and informative title. Titles should be more than cursory labels; they need to tell your readers exactly what information they can expect to get for consuming your content.

Once visitors begin reading your page, they need to stay engaged. Break up your content into smaller blocks of text organized by a common idea. Massive, repetitive paragraphs are off-putting and give readers a reason to leave your page and search elsewhere for information. Subheadings and bulleted or numbered lists are irreplaceable tools that can take a wall of text and divide it into a user-friendly, welcoming copy.

Your website needs exceptional material to keep visitors excited and coming back for more. We can provide expertly crafted content and strategies that will get you found, engage your audience, and convert visitors into paying customers. Contact us today for a free online content audit.

Robintek and PWG Marketing Join Forces to Create a Strategic Partnership

(Columbus, Ohio) Robintek, a website development and digital agency based in Columbus, and PWG Marketing, an inbound marketing and content strategy firm located in Perrysburg, have recently partnered to provide clients with a broader range of services.

Joe Jorgenson, President of Robintek, states that he is excited about how the partnership will expand what the company currently offers its clients. “While Robintek has been in business since 1998 and is currently the web developer for over 500 Ohio-based companies, partnering with PWG Marketing enables us to offer content and inbound marketing services as well,” states Jorgensen. “As content marketing continues to expand, management at Robintek desires to grow beyond helping our clients with building their websites. We want to assist them with their online marketing efforts as well.”

Patrick Giammarco, owner of PWG Marketing and a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant who is also certified by Content Marketing Institute, is equally enthusiastic. “We’re very excited. By partnering with such a seasoned company, PWG Marketing will be able to add website development to the content marketing, inbound marketing, and marketing strategy that we already offer our clients,” Giammarco commented.

The Relationship Between Quality Content and Conversions

Companies from start-ups operating on a shoestring budget to those with significantly greater resources can benefit from SEO packages that boost findability. In addition, organizations must consider the role that strategic, well-written content plays in converting website visitors into paying clients. When developing content strategy, PWG Marketing impresses on clients the need for engaging
content. Truly engaging content should include:

  • Content that benefits readers, such as a how-to articles and videos
  • Some type of personalization that allows the reader to feel invested in the content
  • SEO best practices while still having a natural flow to written material
  • Information that indicates the content marketer knows its audience

Companies interested in web development or marketing services may contact Joe Jorgensen at Robintek at 614.888.3001 or Patrick Giammarco of PWG Marketing can be reached at 419.329.4256 or

5glioh1rAbout Robintek

Robintek is a family-owned website development company and digital agency based in Columbus, OH. We build brand solutions that help your business grow. Since 1998, Robintek has been creating custom-made original websites and development tools. We balance creative custom design with dynamic web programming to help you engage your audience and simplify your business processes. Meet the team!


About PWG Marketinglogo_pwg

A hybrid marketing agency, PWG Marketing is on a mission to replace annoying, interruptive marketing with marketing that people love. Powered by Duct Tape Marketing and HubSpot software, PWG Marketing develops integrated inbound marketing campaigns that include: strategy, branding, content, public relations, social media, SEO, website development, email marketing, lead nurturing and analytics. Find us at 

EXPERT SERIES – Understanding Copyright and the Imagery on your Website


Written by Rachel List, Photographer & Designer

“Can I use this picture on my website?”

We get this question all the time from our clients, and the answer depends on the image copyright. Websites today are very visually driven and including compelling photos can help your business gain customers.  Making sure that you aren’t infringing on copyright with the photos you use on your site is incredibly important to avoid costly bills and potential lawsuits. Here are some quick tips on determining which photos you can use on your website without committing copyright infringement.


“I took this photo myself, can I use it on my website?”


Copyright for a photo or other creative work is held by the creator of that image or work. If you took the photo, you are the creator and you can use those photos in any way you like.


“A friend took this photo; can I use it on my website?”objective


Did your friend give you permission to use the photo? If they did, then yes you can use the photo on your website. If you want to be completely sure you’re covered ask your friend to give you permission to use the photo in writing.


“I found a photo I like online; can I use it on my website?”


In almost all cases, you can’t just find a photo online and use it on your website because you don’t hold the copyright to that image. This is true for almost all online sources from google to Facebook, and everything in between. Just because someone shares a photo online does not mean that it can be used by anyone. The original creator of the image still retains the copyright and can enforce that copyright, which can result in civil or criminal penalties. There are only three exceptions to images found online being off limits for general use.

  1. You purchased the image from a stock photography agency online, which specifically sells photos with limited copyright permissions allowing you to use the photo on your website.
  2. You track down the original creator of the photo that you found online and get written permission to use the photo on your website.
  3. The image is in the public domain. (There are a lot of rules regarding images in the public domain, which we will address in another article)


“I purchased a photo from a stock agency, can I use it on my website?”


Stock photography agency’s like iStockPhoto or Fotolia are great places to find imagery for your website and you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement because you are purchasing the right to display the image on your website. Each agency has a slightly different policy about usage rights so if you have questions about how you are using an image you can refer to their usage rights policies to make sure you’re in the clear.


“I don’t know where this photo is from, can I use it on my website?”


If you’re unsure where you found a photo and you use it on your website, you could be infringing on copyright and opening yourself up to legal action. It’s better to not use a photo if you’re unsure of where it came from.


In conclusion, when selecting images for your website it is important to know where they came from and make sure you have permission to use the image in order to avoid leaving yourself open to civil or criminal penalties.

PRESS RELEASE: BalletMet Partners with Robintek to Improve Digital Presence


Starting with the launch of a new website at, Robintek has partnered with BalletMet to improve the organization’s digital presence.

“The website was just the first step. We plan to review BalletMet’s process for online class registration to better serve academy students, as well as explore ways the organization can better engage donors, subscribers, and event attendees. An integrated system managed by a firm with the technical expertise to keep it running and the marketing experience to make it effective will help BalletMet get more out of each online interaction with patrons.” – Joe Jorgenson, President, Robintek

The BalletMet Marketing team had this to say of their experience redesigning their website and launching it anew.

Thanks to Robintek, our website is now better equipped to tell the story of BalletMet. With an emphasis on stunning visuals and a new simple, modern design, we can engage current and potential patrons and more clearly communicate our message of artistry, education and community. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Robintek as they help us to improve our digital footprint. – Lynette Shy, Director of Marketing, BalletMet


About Robin Technologies, Inc.:  Robin Technologies is a family owned web development, multimedia, and technology company with offices located in Worthington, Ohio.  In business since 1998, Robintek is the primary web developer for over 600 companies and has done work for many more. The web is a powerful avenue that can change the way you do business and Robintek was founded to do just that. We can offer much more than a basic web design.  Clients select our company not only because of the excellent service and personal care, but also for our unique ability to blend custom web design with dynamic web programming that will help engage audiences and simplify business processes to make them more efficient.


About BalletMet: Renowned for its versatility and innovative repertory, BalletMet ranks among the nation’s 20 largest professional ballet companies. Since its inception in 1978, BalletMet has made the commission and performance of new works a core organizational priority, with more than 150 World Premieres and hundreds of Company Premieres performed throughout its history. BalletMet stages 60 to 70 performances annually at home and on tour.

BalletMet’s Academy has also been recognized as an institution of local and national stature. It offers hundreds of classes to roughly 1,700 students of all ages each year. Students in our Intensive, Boys and Trainee Programs gain invaluable training and experience, including the opportunity to dance on stage alongside the company’s professional dancers.

Committed to engaging the community, BalletMet developed a series of educational and outreach programs, including the Wiggle Jig, Moving Into Literacy and urban dance and wellness classes, that reach more than 30,000 people annually, many from minority and underserved groups.

For more information, visit

New Website, Logo Design, and Branding – College Bound Advantage

college bound

Check out our newest website design and launch, College Bound Advantage!  In addition to the website, we worked with the College Bound Advantage team to create their branding logo design, as well as business cards for the first phase of their business launch.

At College Bound Advantage we take the guesswork out of finding the path to your college future.  We combine your interests and strengths and match them with majors and college or universities that fit you.  The result?  An affordable, customized package of college recommendations that ensure your long-term success.  Gone are hours of online searching, enlisting family and friends for ideas, and reading college books.  Also gone are…sub-optimal college choices that result in dissatisfaction, frustration, or just lost opportunities.

Ohio is blessed to have over 60 independent and 14 public colleges and universities as well as 18 community colleges, however each school has different academic programs, degrees of selectivity, cultures, student body demographics, academic support services, cost, student organizations, locations, and resources. Some colleges apply substantive resources to remediation and support a variety of learning challenges; others are highly selective and allocate resources to extending academics, and all in between. Additionally there may be significant differences between the same academic programs (majors) between schools. For example, while one school may offer a Geology major supported by 1 full-time faculty member, limited resources, no active student organization, and limited connection to potential employers yet another, at the same cost, may offer the same major but supports it with 7 full-time faculty members, a large departmental budget, a vibrant and active student organization, an annual study abroad trip, and a recurrent flow of potential employers supporting the program and its students. How will you know which is which?

That’s why we’re here!

Robintek News – January 2016

 Robintek Featured Product of the Month


With so many ways to manage your business’s online presence from social media to SEO, it‘s easy to become overwhelmed. Robintek offers Full Service SEO and marketing management services to optimize your online presence. Robintek can manage your local content, listings, social pages, media and analytics. By working with our SEO specialists you can make sure that your business has consistent messaging and branding across all platforms and we can help you leverage your brand’s analytics to maximize your business’ online performance.  Click here to learn how! 


Robintek Featured Project of the Month

tequila cowboy

Tequila Cowboy

Tequila Cowboy offers an exciting experience with dining and a revved up nightlife.  Tequila Cowboy is your one stop party when you come to Nashville, Columbus, or Lansing, with four venues under one rock’n rooftop!

Industry News
What Does Social Media Have To Do With SEO?

Everyone and their brother has a Facebook page now, thus, most businesses out there either have one or have considered the importance of having one.  It’s like eating your vegetables and exercising, we know we need to do it, but sometimes, life just gets in the way.  Can this have a bigger effect on your website’s SEO?  In the spirit of awards season for our favorite movies and TV shows, let’s explore, using some great quotes to guide us.

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”

The business world has changed a lot in the last ten years, thanks to the proliferation of social media.  Don Draper from Mad Men coined the phrase above, but unfortunately, Mr. Draper
hadn’t foreseen a day when the consumer has just as much power to control the message about a company, as the company itself.  Social media gives companies a human voice, and allows for far more interaction at a personal level.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Spiderman’s Uncle Ben wasn’t talking about brands using social media when he was talking with his nephew Peter Parker, but his quote holds true.  Posting to social media generates content on a page that links to your website, which Google views favorably when ranking search results.  A website may contain more keywords, but if you are the one with more social media engagement and updated content, you will get the higher bump.  Also, with consumers now having more access to companies on a much more visible level, as a business owner, the onus is on you to engage and interact, particularly if there’s an issue that needs addressed. 

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

When Marlon Brando’s Don Corleone uttered one of the most iconic movie lines in history, he had no idea that it could be used in the marketing and social media world.  That would have been something, social media was still 30-ish years away from even being the apple of the internet’s eye.  Nonetheless, when stuck for something about which to post, don’t talk about you – talk about your customers!  We now know how important it is to keep up engagement, so take a page from Don Vito:  Make them an offer they can’t refuse.  If nothing else, tell them how they can find value in your business, how they need to come see you…or else.  Ok, maybe not that strongly, but you get the idea.  

“Carpe Diem.  Seize the day, boys.  Make your lives extraordinary!”

Social media isn’t something to just “sit down and do.”  Mr. Keating from Dead Poets Society challenged his students, and us, to constantly look at things in a different way, which means when cool moments happen at work, take advantage of them and share them with the world!  Own an auto repair shop and just got a rare old Porsche that pulled into your lot?  Have a small shop on a main street when a parade is going by?  These are all real, real-time moments that are great for driving social media engagement and interaction.  Grab that smartphone, snap a couple of pictures, and tell the world what’s going on!

“May the force be with you.”

Well, this one was obvious, but the message holds:  Get out there, engage, and reap the benefits!

Industry News

Paid Advertising and Mobile:  ¡Viva La Revolucion!

It seems like all things mobile are all the rage today, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s true…in April of 2015, for the first time ever, more Google searches were done on mobile devices than desktop computers.  That means people are searching for services on the go.  Having the power to reach people anywhere, at any time sounds pretty good, does it not?  Enter paid advertising, or PPC.  When you do a Google search, those are the items that appear on the top of your results with “Ad” next to them.  The only cost incurred to the advertiser is when someone clicks on the ad.  The
option is also there to pay per 1000 impressions, or “sets of eyeballs” that see the ad.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as Facebook has become a big player in paid advertising within its own platform.  Any time you are scrolling through your news feed, and you see a “Sponsored” update, that’s what it is.  Both services allow for targeted audiences to receive your message, while Google’s messages are largely text-based, Facebook’s are image-driven.

Paid advertising allows your message, promotion, or website to be exposed to a much greater audience, mostly of your choosing.  On mobile devices, having a mobile-responsive website keeps cost-per-click down and ensures your ad will be shown as much as possible.  For Facebook updates for business pages, photo and video are almost required in order to get a lot of organic (non-paid) exposure, so these are the best posts to promote to a larger audience.

Robintek’s SEO and PPC specialists help you understand the nuances of this ever-evolving world.  We’re happy to be of service to help you grow your business!



Google Is Changing The Way It Shows Local Search Results

Search engine king Google has announced that its Google+ network is putting more emphasis on “Interests,” and thus diminishing its Google+ Local pages for businesses.  They have reiterated that they are still committed to local search, but do not believe Google+ is the proper platform for displaying business information.  You can read the full article here, via Search Engine Journal, but here are the highlights:google local

  • Google+ started as a social network, but never gained the traction they were looking for to compete with the likes of Facebook. They kept the elements that were successful, like Photos, Communities, and Collections.  Google+ Local was the place where Google displayed local business data, but have decided that is no longer the appropriate place for that information.
  • The change will not affect SEO or the ability to attract new customers from Google. They will continue to display local business data in both normal search results and in map results, in fact, the map results now contain more information than ever about local businesses, which is a good thing.
  • The Google My Business dashboard is not changing, as a business owner, you will still update any information about your business there. Data from there will show up in Google Search, Maps, and mobile search.

Local Search is still an immensely powerful tool to attract new customers.  Per the article, here are some statistics that support this:

Robintek SEO services target local search and review your website to elevate your business in search results using a variety of tools, starting at $95/month.  Consistency is key, and Google will reward businesses that have consistent information across the web.  Our specialists know the best techniques for your business, let us know how we can be of service.

Learn more about SEO!

Robintek News – November 2015

Christmas and Holiday Photography Baby

Custom Holiday Cards and Christmas Photography

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to think about correspondence and photography with a more wintery feel. Robintek is happy to help in this arena! Whether it is designing custom holiday cards in print or digital format, or taking photos of your staff on “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day,” consider us your one-stop shop for any and all of these things.

Also, think about the photos on your website. We can adapt your homepage to have more of a holiday or winter feel, with pictures containing holiday lights or snow, whatever your preference, Robintek can make it happen. Let us know how we can be of service!

Robintek Photography

AlaskOmega Website Launch

We launched the AlaskOmega site this past month, let us know how we can make your website as beautiful!

About this Client

“Organic Technologies is the producer of MSC-certified AlaskOmega® omega-3 concentrates and natural fish oil products. We start with wild-caught Alaska Pollock oil from the cold, pure waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea, which is then further refined and concentrated in our family owned and operated NSF-certified GMP facility in Ohio.”


November Newsletter

Industry News: SEO

You Keep Saying SEO – What Does That Mean?

SEO is a hot term in the marketing world today, and it seems like it’s one of those things you need, even if you aren’t exactly sure why. In the digital marketing realm, SEO is the cornerstone to any good strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

First things first, what does it stand for? SEO is search engine optimization. We can almost hear you saying to yourself, “great, I’m still not sure what that means.” Search engine optimization is the practice of ensuring that a website can be found on search engines, by “baking in” relevant words and phrases for your business, as well as generating new content for the site (blog, updated FAQs) and having links to your company social media channels.

Why is this important? If you’ve put forth the effort to have a great looking website, the objective is to have as many eyeballs see it as possible, and for that to happen, the effort to make it optimized for Google (and Bing, Yahoo, etc.) needs as much attention and care as the aesthetics of your website itself. It doesn’t stop there though, as there are directories out there everywhere (, WhitePages, CitySearch, etc.) can list your business under specific categories, and having accurate name, address, phone number, and URL information (NAPU) is very important.

Google is the Goliath of the search engine realm, so any SEO efforts need to be made with them in mind first. What does Google want to see in order for your site to come up as highly as possible? Things like the title of the webpage, the meta description, and the headers need to be “keyword-rich” with the most relevant terms that users will type into a search engine to find your type of business. For example, if you have an antique shop, terms like “antique” and “vintage” should appear frequently.

Going beyond the keywords and phrases that will help your website get found, it’s not enough to just do those things once and leave it be. Google rewards sites that are constantly generating new content, whether that is in the form of a blog, or updating a frequently asked questions page, or even frequent posts to your social media channels. Reviews are ever increasing in popularity and importance to search engines. Google business pages now prominently display star ratings based on the reviews they’ve received.

As if that is not enough, Google also looks favorably on websites that are responsive to mobile devices, meaning they will shrink and reshape themselves on the screen of a phone or tablet, without sacrificing the integrity of the site and its content (not to mention, making sure you can still read it!)

Still not convinced as to why SEO is important for your website? Consider these numbers, courtesy of and Forbes:

  • 97% of consumers now search for local businesses online
  • 78% of small businesses get at least a quarter of their new customers via social media
  • 75% of users do not scroll past the first page of search results
  • Over 82% of internet users use search

Robintek has the expertise to help with all these things, from redesigning your website to be sure it is properly optimized to feeding your business’ accurate NAPU info to over 75 directories in one fell swoop. The process might seem overwhelming, so let us know how we can be of service to you!

Request a Consultation

God Of Gam3z – Kickstarter Campaign


Robintek is proud to be working on this project and campaign. Fantastic idea for all the gamers out there!

GodofGam3z – “ was started when we recognized a need to improve the gaming community and to provide a platform where casual and competitive gamers can meet, play and share their experiences. seeks to create the most precise and convenient matching service ever. Our system will Find and Contact the people who best match your profile. We give you the communication and scheduling tools to get you playing now!”

Help the team at God Of Gam3z reach their Kickstarter goal by clicking here!

Let Us Help With Your Digital Marketing Presence


Enhance Your Digital Marketing Presence

We Analyze Your Web Presence on 50+ Leading Sites!

What does your digital footprint look like? Are you being found when people search online? Making this happen takes a concerted effort, from getting your website built with the right SEO and branding, to updating the content, generating reviews from your customers, and ensuring that information about your business is consistent and correct.

Business Photography, Graphic Design and more!

Do you need professional photos of your team, or great looking photos of your products? You’ve got a new business to run, leave the rest of the heavy lifting to Robintek and we can work on your digital marketing presence. Please let us know how we can be of service to you, we’d love to be your digital marketing partner in your new venture!


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