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Cause Marketing: How These 20 Visual Campaigns Created Massive Impact

Check out this article on how to create a lasting impact with visual marketing campaigns. Get inspired with 20 fantastic examples of visual campaigns that created a massive impact. Read more here –

“The average consumer has come to associate marketing with some form of deception, and is constantly on the lookout for “the catch” in every message. The expression “marketing tactics” reminds us of all the fast food, luxury cars, unnecessary cleaning products, disposable fashion, and undesirable services that somehow someone managed to make us buy. But why is it that we rarely associate the word “marketing” with social good?”

Read more here –

New Website Design and Launch – Señor Antonio’s Restaurant


Check out our new website design and launch for Señor Antonio’s.

“A native of Jalisco, Mexico, owner Antonio Moreno has over 20 years experience in the restaurant business. Having learned cooking from his mother and grandmother at a young age, Antonio held his first cooking job at age 16, in Oceanside, California. In 1998, he moved to Indianapolis, after being hired to manage a restaurant in that nearby city.”

New Website Design and Launch – ALNI


Check out our new website design and launch for ALNI.

“Our company consists of sales reps and customer service people. All of our efforts are focused on our customer’s needs and objectives. We believe that having the flexibility to look at all the options is the only way to service our customers. We utilize manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution services from all over the world. We offer creative and flexible solutions tailored to help our customers meet or exceed their stated goals.”

New Website Design and Launch – The Trident Group


Check out our new website design and launch for The Trident Group.

“The Trident Group provides architectural, engineering and construction management services. Having the core competencies in architecture, engineering and construction integrated at the start of the design process, gives the Trident Group team the approach required to deliver a construction product on time and on budget.”

New Website Launch – Linworth United Methodist Church


Check out our new website launch for Linworth United Methodist Church.

“Linworth UMC began in 1887 as a chapel, originally known as Bright’s Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, located at 2424 W. Granville Rd. In 1957 additional space was needed. Fourteen families took out second mortgages on their homes to provide the equity needed to purchase property and build the new church at 6200 Linworth Road. By 1996 the average worship attendance had increased to 550 and again more space was needed.”

Press Release: Robintek Develops 5,000 Page Website for Fathom Delivers


Robintek builds website for industry-leading SEO company, Fathom Delivers

Worthington, OH, Monday, July 20, 2015: Prominent web development firm, Robintek, has just launched a large scale website for national marketing and SEO firm, Fathom Delivers.
The newly launched website incorporates a variety of features that go beyond the typical WordPress capabilities. Every webpage on the site has a custom layout, color scheme and variation on the parent theme. The menu, like many other features on the site, is completely customized and includes a variety of useful features. The menu can transform from a standard dropdown or fly out menu to a multiple column layout menu that can support icons, section headers, background images, and even custom HTML content. The footer includes custom built social media icons and linkages that can be added, removed, or changed in the WordPress admin panel. The site is 100% responsive and is able to be viewed in an organized and attractive way on many different devices. Well planned organization is featured throughout the site to control the large amount of information that was provided by Fathom. Lead web developer for the project, Shawn Tucker, describes organizing the vast amount of information on the site. “Breaking down the content is a great way to provide relevant information in a way that isn’t intimidating to the user”.

Along with the newly developed Fathom website, Robintek has also built 6 individual blogs that are all linked to the main site under a section aptly named the Knowledge Center. All of the blogs within the Knowledge Center feature their own custom menu. Each blog has a custom menu, color scheme and branding according to the department’s overall needs and target market.

Since 1998, Robintek has been creating custom-made websites and development tools. They balance creative custom design with dynamic web programming to help the client engage their audience and simplify their business processes. Emerging as a software development firm in 1997, Robintek has transformed into an industry leader in web development, custom design and full service digital marketing.

Fathom Delivers creates profitable growth through content strategy, digital marketing and sales/analytics consulting that serve a greater purpose. The greater purpose is serving the mission of its customers, as well as inspiring transformation in its own people, local communities, and larger world. Fathom recognizes and appreciates the role all of its stakeholders—customers, employees, shareholders, community—play in its success.

To view the newly launched website for Fathom Delivers, visit

If you would like more information please contact Joe Jorgenson at 614-888-3001 or email Joe at Visit for additional examples of Robintek’s work.



New Website Launch – Fathom Delivers


Check out our new website launch for Fathom Delivers.

“Fathom creates profitable growth through content strategy, digital marketing and sales/analytics consulting that serve a greater purpose. The greater purpose is serving the mission of its customers, as well as inspiring transformation in its own people, local communities, and larger world.”

New Website Design and Launch – XPress Systems


Check out our new website design and launch for XPress Systems.

“XPress Systems, LLC offers a suite of innovative products for the Healthcare, Gaming, and Educational industries. With more than 32 years experience, we have been the leader in innovative solutions that make identifying people easier to implement and maintain. XPress Systems is dedicated to manufacturing effective and simple solutions that focus on products that are faster, more cost effective, easier to maintain and simple to use.”

New Website Design and Launch – New Albany Home Health Solutions


Check out our new website design and launch for New Albany Home Health Solutions, LLC.

“New Albany Home Health Solutions is the first behavioral health organization in Ohio that offers Medicaid recipients the path of change through the active process of life coaching. Our cutting-edge approach toward transforming one’s self has allowed us to build lasting partnerships with our clients, which ultimately leads to a stronger and more resilient community.”

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