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EXPERT SERIES – Think Big, Build Small



Written by Jeremy Jorgenson, CEO

As one of the senior developers at Robintek, one of the things I’m regularly tasked with is to help develop technical project plans and quotes for projects. Most projects start with our marketing team meeting with the project stakeholders, listening to their needs, and then putting together a quote. The quote has to take into account the project complexity, timeline, budget, staff availability, and all sorts of other complicating factors. All of these things are really important, but by far my favorite part of working on project plans is trying to find opportunities to think beyond the problem at hand.

Too often, we as developers want to exist in a binary world. Problem A will be solved by implementing Solution B. The real worldabstract_building almost never works that way. Problem A probably has dozens of possible solutions, each with its own advantages and pitfalls. To narrow the field a bit, we like to present our clients with what we feel are the “good”, “better”, and “best” options. Often we’re able to meet the minimum project requirements with the “good” option, but the “better” and “best” options are more robust solutions.

What I find most helpful about approaching projects this way is that it forces us to look past the needs of the moment.  By looking at and discussing the “better” and “best” solutions, we’re able to anticipate what needs may come up down the road. I often think of this in terms of a home constructions analogy. If you’re building a single story ranch house, but in the future you’re going to add an Olympic sized indoor swimming pool, you’ll probably pour the foundation a little differently.

Often, our clients opt to go with the “good” solution, and that’s fine. Not everyone needs an Olympic sized indoor swimming pool… but if we can lay the foundation for the pool without any additional time or expense, most people start making plans to do some laps.

WordPress Security Update – August 22, 2016

Internet Web Security

To Our Valued Clients,
The following is an important announcement for any of our hosting customers using the WordPress platform for their website or blog: 

WordPress 4.6 is now available. This is a core upgrade for all previous versions and we will begin updating your sites immediately.

During the update process, your site will be placed into “Maintenance Mode” until the new software installation is complete. It is also possible that the core WordPress software upgrade could affect other functionality on your website.

If after this update you notice any changes in aspects of your website or if you have any questions concerning this most recent security release, please email us at or call 614-888-3001.

Thank you,
The Robintek Security Team


Instagram Releases Much-Requested Feature

Good news this week for those that handle multiple Instagram accounts, the photo-sharing service has announced that users can now toggle between multiple accounts within the app, without having to log out of one and log into another.  This is a feature that Instagram users have been clamoring for, for quite some time, and starting Monday morning, users already have been able to see that feature.find us on instagram

This is particularly exciting news for small business owners that now have the ability to quickly switch between their business’ account and their personal accounts, not to mention social media managers out there who have long struggled with handling the log in and log out process for several Instagram accounts.  The update, which is version 7.15 for the app, allows up to five separate accounts.

For more information on how to get multiple accounts set up for yourself, check out Buffer’s article here.  And, be sure to follow Robintek on Instagram!

Does Mobile Friendliness Affect Your Website’s Search Ranking?

Mobile responsiveness is one of the biggest hot-button topics in digital marketing in 2015 as we head into 2016, and that was only strengthened by Google’s algorithm change in April of this year, putting a premium on mobile-friendliness of websites as one of the more important parameters for good search ranking.Mobile-friendly websites are good for search ranking in Google.

In addition, 2015 is the first year that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in the United States.  In anticipation of this, Google made the change to their algorithm to emphasize the importance of either mobile responsiveness of websites, or the existence of a standalone mobile website or landing page.  Google has also created a mobile-friendly test tool that allows users to enter a webpage URL and see if it is responsive.

Per Google Webmasters’ blog, this update will not affect searches from tablets or desktops.  Only mobile-friendly pages on a website will feel the positive impact, not the entire site, so essentially, making one page mobile responsive doesn’t mean Google will recognize your website as a whole to be mobile-friendly.  Finally, mobile-friendliness is recognized equally whether you have a responsive website design, or a standalone mobile site.

Robintek has been building mobile responsive websites for many years and has retro-fitted many sites for mobile-friendliness as well.  We are happy to consult on your needs and budget to determine which path is right for your business.  Let us know how we can be of service!

Learn More About Mobile-Friendliness

Google To Shut Down Autocomplete API

Google SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Google just announced that it will be shutting down it’s autocomplete API. The change will take effect on August 10, 2015. Read more about it here at

“Google said the unsupported API had no official restrictions and saw the API being used in both ways they found useful and in other ways that were not so useful. That being said, Google said the Autocomplete API doesn’t “provide a meaningful user benefit” other than being paired to Google Web search.”

The Evolution Of SEO Trends Over 25 Years

Check out this article, posted by Search Engine Land, that takes you through 25 years of SEO trends.

“SEO has evolved from the simplicity of a single-celled organism into a living, breathing, and adaptive structure used to create valuable and relevant relationships. Today, SEO connects a generation of knowledge-hungry individuals to targeted information through a network of personalized, accessible, and engaging content media.”

Net Neutrality Wins!

The FCC voted Thursday to protect an open internet! What this means is that internet service providers, like Comcast and AT&T, under the new regulations can not give preferential treatment to content providers, like Netflix or Hulu, by allowing them to pay for faster internet. This would have left individual who couldn’t afford to pay more for faster internet left with a slower internet speed. Which isn’t very fair. With the new regulations everyone will have equal access to fast internet without bias. To learn more about net neutrality check out this 65 second video below.

New processor design could supercharge your smartphone

ARM has developed a new processor that will give your smartphone 3.5 times the power! Read more about it at!

“The Coretex-A72 has 3.5 times the power and is 75% more energy efficient than the previous generation of processor, the A15, ARM says. The processor will begin to ship with smartphones and tablets in 2016. ARM also introduced a new graphics processor, the Mali-T880, which the company promises will bring “console quality gaming” to mobile devices.”

The 5 biggest stories from Microsoft’s Windows 10 event

Check out what’s new to come for Microsoft’s Windows 10, posted by Mashable!

“Microsoft’s Windows 10 event on Wednesday, one of the few major presentations from the company since CEO Satya Nadella took over from Steve Ballmer last year, delivered on the promise of showing us the future of the Windows operating system. But far from a mere bullet point list of new features, the event actually brought several exciting new developments, as well as a new product reveal that some are saying may give Microsoft the cool factor it’s been searching for in the face of mounting competition from the likes of Google and Apple.”

Google Online Business Tours


Help your Business Stand Out
We create dynamic 360° virtual tours for businesses large and small. Our tours are professionally photographed and then, using Google’s proprietary software, integrated into all Google media & Maps, Search, Street View and Google+. We use state of the art equipment and produce our tours per your specifications. You tell us what you’d like to be seen and we make it happen!

We’ll thoroughly walk your business with you, inside and out, to determine how you’d like your tour to be produced. We’ll then schedule the shoot at a convenient time for you and complete the shoot, usually in under a few hours, ensuring that we don’t disrupt your business. It’s that simple… from there we take care of the rest, producing your tour and uploading it to Google media, then we’ll return to your business and review the tour with you and show you how to embed the tour on your website and social media.

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