New App Launch – F-Tag Search

Introducing the new F-Tag Search app for, available now in the Google Play App Store.
An F-number, or F-Tag, relates to Code of Federal Regulations that determine how care is delivered in a nursing home. This system is used by each state department of health and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to help survey the quality of care provided to residents in Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF). These tags are then used to help LTCF identify the survey findings. It is crucial to fully understand the score of each F-Tag to certify that the quality of care provided in LTCF are implemented accordingly. It is also in good practice for facilities to maintain a complete guide of F-Tags with accurate information to maintain the quality of care delivered.’s F-Tag Search Tool is a handy app that allows users to perform a search on the federal regulations (F-Tags) that nursing homes must meet in order to qualify as a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in the Medicare program. Each F-Tag’s full “regulation” and “guidance to surveyors” is included and can be searched against. F-Tags can be searched for by their tag, a phrase, or by regulatory grouping.