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Improve Your SEO & Online Presence

With so many factors that go into managing your business’s online presence, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to develop an effective SEO strategy. At Robintek, we offer full-service SEO and marketing management services to help simplify the process of optimizing your online presence. Our approach starts with an audit of your existing technical SEO and performance. Then, we work on developing your organic search presence by offering recommendations and strategies for how it can be improved. Organic search presence is how your website appears on search result pages without paying for premium placement (organic placement is much more valuable than ad placement). Over time, we can provide regular SEO building and monitoring, content marketing services, social media management, and more to help continually grow your business and enhance your online impact.


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Phase 1:

Audit, General SEO Updates & Search Engine Optimization Strategy

1 Technical SEO Audit:

Our SEO specialists will conduct an in-depth audit of your website’s technical SEO, including your sitemap, 301 redirects, 404 errors, broken links, duplicate content, and more.

2 Online Presence Audit:

We will check for consistent brand messaging and information by analyzing your online presence on over 70 leading sites, maps, and apps. Your audit also includes a search of up to 200 directory submissions for providers like Yahoo! Local, Yellowpages/Whitepages, and other directory publishers. Scan your website now!

3 SEO Recommendations:

Once the audit of your existing SEO is complete, we will compile a list of key recommendations for your business to take your SEO strategy to the next level. This includes recommendations for beneficial keywords and phrases in your industry, as well as meta tags including title, description, and image tags. Our SEO experts will also develop a customized strategy for further optimizing your company’s online performance.

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Phase 2:

Ongoing SEO Building, Content Marketing & Social Media Management

1 Social Media Marketing Management:

Our experienced team can promote your business across various social media platforms including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. From content creation to promotion, we can help increase your social shares and visitors.

2 Content Marketing:

Need help with content creation? We can create custom, engaging blog posts, press releases, infographics, and more compelling content to market your business.

3 Local SEO Consistency and Updates:

Robintek will monitor and update your company’s presence across more than 70 leading sites, maps, and apps, as well as up to 200 directory submissions to keep your local content accurate.

4 Review Management:

Customer reviews can be difficult to keep track of across different directories, websites, maps, and apps. Our dedicated marketing team will monitor your business’s reviews on these various platforms and share positive reviews with you.

5 SEO Review Monitoring & Reporting:

We can generate a monthly report containing your website visitor and conversion growth data. We’ll review these results with you directly to analyze your outcomes and provide additional SEO recommendations.

6 Email Marketing Campaigns:

Email marketing campaigns are some of the most effective digital marketing tactics. Our team can create custom, brand-focused designs for your emails and help implement your campaign.

7 AdWords & Targeted PPC Ad Campaigns:

Our SEO professionals will identify the best keywords to help your business achieve its goals. We can create detailed, keyword-based pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to get your business featured in relevant, local search results.

8 Special, Limited-time Promotions Management:

Robintek can help you develop and implement limited-time promotions through your directory listings to increase your site traffic and draw in new customers.

We Analyze Your Web Presence on Over 65+ Leading Sites

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