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Accessible and ADA compliant website design for your business or organization

Website accessibility is not just good practice; it’s a fundamental aspect of inclusivity and compliance with ADA and WCAG standards. Robintek, in collaboration with accessiBe, offers a comprehensive website enhancement service designed to transform your website’s functionality while championing inclusivity.

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Why Web Accessibility Matters

Web accessibility is about providing equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their abilities. For the 20% of the global population living with disabilities, accessing the internet should be a basic civil right. By prioritizing accessibility, we level the playing field and ensure that the internet is inclusive for all.

Supporting Diverse Municipalities and Agencies

Robintek is a versatile partner for a wide range of local government and public agencies, from small town councils to larger urban municipalities, economic development and tourism organizations, parks and recreation departments, and more. We tailor our services to suit the unique needs of your organization, ensuring your online presence complements your mission.

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Common Web Accessibility Barriers

Poor color contrast

Lack of text alternatives ("alt text") on images

No captions on videos

Reliance on color alone to convey information

Inaccessible online forms

Absence of keyboard navigation

Complex or unclear navigation menus

Unorganized or inconsistent page structure

Small or non-adjustable font sizes

Content that is not compatible with screen readers

Automatic media playback without user control

Inaccessible interactive elements such as buttons or links

The Benefits of Website Accessibility

Prioritizing website accessibility benefits everyone. It ensures seamless navigation for all visitors, enhances user experience, and expands audience reach. Accessible websites also enjoy improved search engine rankings and demonstrate social responsibility, enhancing brand reputation and loyalty. In short, investing in accessibility isn’t just ethical—it’s smart business.

How Robintek Can Help with Accessibility

Robintek’s new User Accessibility Controls & ADA Compliance website enhancement service, offers a seamless integration of cutting-edge accessibility features into your website. Collaborating with Robintek to incorporate accessibility features into your websites demonstrates your dedication to fostering a more inclusive online space for all users.

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