12 Month Website Warranty

At Robintek, we stand behind our work

Robintek offers a free one-year warranty with your website project. This means that you are covered for 12 months from the date that your project goes live. Our first objective is to ensure that your website operates correctly and effectively.

Starting from the date that the website (or new feature) is first made available to the public, the work is covered under the Robintek warranty for one full year. This warranty covers any bugs (programming errors) or content errors reported to Robintek within the one year. Any such bugs reported within the time-period will be fixed at no additional charge.

Our team takes pride in helping business’ grow, and we enjoy the relationships we build with each of our clients. We approach each project thoughtfully, engaging with our clients to fully understand their business needs so that the solutions we build them are not only creative and visually appealing but also build a strong foundation for future growth.

Items covered by this warranty are:

Responsive Website Design Icon

Assurance that pages of your website display properly in current versions of desktop web browser software at the time that the site becomes accessible by the public, unless the problem results from changes to the default configuration of the web browser settings, or lack of common browser plugins.

Custom Web Programming

Assurance that the website programming will work as requested. Specifically, we will promptly address bugs or programming errors at no charge.

Website Content Management

Assurance that all content errors: spelling or otherwise will be quickly corrected unless such errors existed in copy provided to us or were entered by the customer.

Items not covered by this warranty include:

Problems that occur due to use of the website in unintended ways, or are the result of customer action or inaction.

Lack of functionality not clearly communicated to our staff before the site became publicly accessible.

Work that results from issues not within our direct control, such as errors in or updates to third-party software, issues with the hosting environment, changes that are driven by third party services or links that have moved.

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