Custom 404 Designs based in Columbus, Ohio

Custom 404 Designs based in Columbus, Ohio

Custom Designed 404 Page

"404 Error" Solution for Web Promotion

One problem with dynamic websites is that as new pages are introduced and new naming conventions are implemented, sometimes old page URLs are abandoned. The best practice is to set up a permanent redirect, but some addresses slip through the cracks. That, combined with users guessing at addresses or old inbound links from other sites pointing at areas that no longer exist, make 404 error pages a necessity. Most every web host will display some kind of generic ‘404 error – page cannot be found’ message, but that just discourages an already fickle user.

The best path is to implement a custom website design that reflects well on your brand, includes your menu and a search function. If the imagery is fun and engaging, then it provides the opposite response from the generic broken page message!

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