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At Robintek, we are focused on creating effective & beautiful online solutions for your business. Learn about our full services and capabilities including Custom Website Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Management, Branding Style Guide Development, Logo Design, Prototype Designs, Website Hosting, and more!

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Company Overview

Robintek is a family-owned website development company and digital agency based in Columbus, OH. We build brand solutions that help your business grow. Since 1998, Robintek has been creating custom-made original websites and development tools. We balance creative custom design with dynamic web programming to help you engage your audience and simplify your business processes.

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Search Engine Optimization

Robintek offers Full Service SEO and marketing management services to optimize your online presence. Robintek can manage your local content, listings, social pages, media and analytics. By working with our SEO specialists you can make sure that your business has consistent messaging and branding across all platforms and we can help you leverage your brand’s analytics to maximize your business’ online performance!

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Social Media Management

As a business owner, we know that social media is not always a top priority. Sure, you want to get around to it, but lots of things get in the way, not the least of which is, you know, actually running your business!

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Branding Style Guide Development

Branding guidelines help companies maintain their brand identity through what visual elements the public sees, as well as setting the tone and voice of the company. Presenting a unified brand builds trust and recognition. Robintek can help craft a Branding Style guide for your company that establishes standards for your brand, answers key questions about usage, and serves as a guide for designers.

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Creating a Logo for Your Company

Our talented team of brand strategists and designers will work with you to create a custom logo that reflects your brand. All of our logo designs are crafted from scratch for your company, so your logo is as unique as your brand.

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Services & Capabilities

We excel in creating intuitive websites, stylish branding, clear identity design & strategic development for business of all sizes. Working as a dynamic complement to your team, we design, build and launch digital solutions that add sustainable value to your business.

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