The Importance of Proofreading and grammar

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Written by Alyssa Berry, Office Manager

Grammar and Proofreading Skills

As many are already aware, proper grammar is an extremely valuable tool to possess in any profession. In the office, it’s becoming commonplace to either use shortened or improper grammar to communicate quickly, rather than efficiently. Sadly, these habits tend to flow into client and partner communications as well. Rather than leaving others with a less than favorable impression of you or your company always be sure to proof-read emails, memos, reports etc.

Proofreading Tips:

  • Spell Check
    • This seems obvious, though Spell Checkers will not always catch a misused or misspelled word.
  • Read the document 2-3 times to ensure readability, proper grammar, and spelling.
  • Read the document backwards.
  • Have a co-worker read it, if applicable.
  • If you’re unsure, use a search engine.

Common misuses of words:

  • Their/There/They’re
    • One is determiner, one is a contraction and one is an adverb.
    • They’re coming to the office from over there and will bring their paperwork with them.
  • Your/You’re
    • One is a determiner, one is a contraction.
    • If you’re going to come to the office, please bring your key.
  • Its/It’s
    • One is a contraction, one is possessive.
    • It’s my pen Jane, its cap is yellow.
  • Who/Whom
    • Who is a subjective
      • Who is going to take out the trash this time?
    • Whom is an objective
      • Whom did he meet today?
    • Me/I
        • One is a pronoun, one is noun
          • Would you like me to send the email now?
          • John and I will return shortly.


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