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Web Design from Home on Groundhog Day in Columbus

Happy Groundhog Day!

But lately everyday can feel like Groundhog Day when you’re working from home. Here’s a few activities our staff does to shake up the monotony each day:

I’ve taken up walking and running and now do 2-5 miles per day. I’ve played more Fortnite than I would care to admit.

Joe Jorgenson

I run, bike, and goes for walks. Working on gaining strength for an arm wrestling re-match with Matt.

Alyssa Berry

Go for a drive to pick up lunch, find a nice place to park, and listen to a podcast.

Jeremy Jorgenson

Take time to go to the gym in the middle of the day.

Rod Vedder

Since lockdown started, I have made it a point to get out and walk at least 30 mins every day. I’ve closed my exercise ring every day since May 10th!

Steven Boczek

I like to have dunk contests with my son in his room.

Eric Meinen

Take a walk in the woods with the family.

Rachel List