Check out our newest website design, RxDO! This website was built using our Robintek CMS and has a custom mobile responsive design.

About RxDO

RxDO connects patients and prescribers to pharmacies. They work to improve patient care through more efficient access to prescriptions. RxDO is building a network that helps prescribers, healthcare systems, patients, and pharmacists collaborate and provide better access to prescriptions through a searchable inventory database. They help find local pharmacies with specific medications in stock, quickly and accurately.


What we did

RxDO is a startup company with a great business plan. They had developed their branding colors and logo and wanted to partner with Robintek to design and build a website for them that was true to their brand and had the flexibility they needed to grow in the future.

Custom Design Development

RxDO wanted to incorporate the bright colors of their brand in their new website design. Robintek worked with them to create a clean and modern design that featured their bright orange, blue and purple. The design is fully responsive so it looks it's best across all platforms. Robintek sourced imagery for use throughout the site that reflected RxDO's industry and modern look.

Content Development

RxDO had written a business plan for their company but hadn't developed any content specifically for their website. Robintek worked with RxDO to learn about their company, and their intended audience. Robintek used this information to generate strong content for RxDO that spoke to their mission and reflected the tone and style of the companies brand. We made sure that the language used on the site was accessible, so that all visitors to the site could quickly and easily understand RxDO's purpose with out getting confused by industry jargon. Robintek's content writers were able to work hand in hand with the design team. This allowed us to make sure that the content was presented not only in a visually appealing way, but also was structured so it engaged it's intended audience.

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