Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site: Visual Merchandising

By April 22, 2013 April 6th, 2018 Photography, Website Design

Here is a cool post not only for designers, but businesses in general looking to increase or maximize product sales on their websites. It shows how displaying products in different and attractive ways can really encourage customers to buy a product or at least look into it longer. Check out these great tips and examples here.

“Unless you’re reading this from 1995, you’re probably aware that most websites have a large visual element. Amazon, Play.com, eBay, Apple Store… open any of their homepages and you’ll instantly be bombarded with tasteful product shots designed to lure you in. Clearly, photography is a big part of online product marketing – and why shouldn’t it be?”

-Ally Biring

Read the full story at VandelayDesign.com

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