Phasing out Google AdWords as Organic Search Improves

By November 2, 2016 February 8th, 2018 Expert Series, Robintek, SEO, Website Design
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Written by Joe Jorgenson, President

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be an important part of your SEO plan, but it shouldn’t be the main focus. Instead, it should be used as a temporary solution while other efforts improve your keyword’s performance organically.

The first step is to list the keywords that you’re currently paying for, or those that you’re considering if you haven’t initiated the AdWords account yet. Once you’ve created your list in Excel you can Google each term to see where you fall. Track the position number, not the page. The second listing on page three is the 32nd spot. If you’re coming up in the top three positions, you do not need to pay for that keyword. Now, determine your budget and allocate the rest of the money to cover terms falling below the top three spots.

The list of keywords that you’re paying for should also be your to-do list for new content! New content can come in the form of new pages or updated copy on an existing page.

Start by determining how often these phrases are found on your site, the keyword saturation. The easiest way to do this is by performing a Google site search along with the particular phrase.

If I wanted to search the website for the term SEO I would enter this into Google: SEODoodle design style concept of search engine results optimization, SEO technology, user web search experience, website ranking, digital marketing. Modern line style concepts for web banners, online tutorials, printed and promotional materials

That search will display only pages on that include the phrase SEO. Make sure that the keyword saturation is at an acceptable level and then come up with new ways to write about that term. This process should be repeated for each of the keywords on your PPC list.

The next step is the hard one; Don’t get discouraged. Organic SEO takes time to build up, but will serve for a long time once you do.

After 1-2 weeks has passed go back and update the spreadsheet, adding a new column for the current keyword performance on Google. Adding the new ranking as a separate column instead of overwriting it allows you to see performance trends easily. Continue generating new content, reviewing content on existing pages and tracking the organic performance of keywords until all of the phrases are in the top 3 positions. Now you can either use that money to market in other ways or identify a new list of keywords to start working up!

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