A website audit can help improve your website’s performance, SEO, and UX

Is your website doing everything it should to help grow your business? There are many factors that affect website performance from technical setup to content optimization. Having an independent website audit to provide guidance keeps your website competitive.

Whether you’re a brand-new startup, a small business looking to grow, or have an established website that you would like to ensure is operating as effectively as possible – we can help.

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What is a website audit?

A website audit is a comprehensive review and analysis of your website in order to assess site performance, identify elements in need of improvement, and determine opportunities for growth.

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Benefits of a website audit

A detailed website audit will give you the chance to inspect your site’s functionality, search engine performance, and how easily users are able to find and use your website. The results of a website audit allow you to make targeted adjustments and optimize site performance.

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Audit Evaluation Categories


Ease of Management

Marketing/Sales Alignment

Technical Aspects

Usability (UX and UI)

Visibility (SEO, Social)


Our process

The performance of your website is a result of many different elements working together. Our comprehensive website audit evaluates your site across several categories. This means that we perform not one, but multiple audits on your website.

When completed, these audits will give you a complete picture of how your website is performing, elements that need improvement, and opportunities for growth. You can use the results from your website audit to fine tune your website to better reach and communicate with your audience, and drive growth and ROI for your business.

Web Design

Your web design should look good, but an attractive design is not the only criteria included in a website design audit. The imagery and layout of your pages should tell a story visually, reinforcing your brand, priorities, and goals.

Your design should align with company brand standards and have consistent formatting for navigation, typography, links, and graphics. We’ll look at how your design guides visitors through your site including calls to action (CTAs) and content hierarchy.

The insights gained from a website design audit can be used to improve the look of your website, optimize user experience, and better target CTAs.

Updating and managing your business website shouldn’t be difficult.

Ease of Management

A content management system (CMS) audit looks at how your website content is accessed, edited, and shared on the back end of your site. From editing content and uploading images to adding events or posting press releases, our experts can help identify ways to make managing your website easier.

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Marketing/Sales Alignment

What are your marketing and sales goals, and how is your website helping your business achieve them? A strategy alignment audit looks at your website’s performance as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Your website should set your sales team up for success, with targeted messaging and lead generation. We can review your lead generation process as part of your website audit to give you the data you need to help conversion rates.

A review of your marketing and sales alignment can include:

  • Competitor review
  • Marketing and sales goal review
  • Lead generation and conversion audit
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Technical Audit

A technical audit of your website evaluates your website functionality and performance. It looks at website architecture and identifies technical problems or gaps. A technical audit includes but is not limited to evaluating:

  • General site health audit
  • Site Speed
  • Responsive/Mobile friendliness
  • Indexed Pages
  • Analytics audit (Google Analytics/Data Studio report)
  • Schema/Structured Data Markup
  • SEMrush Error/Warning Fixs

Usability (UX and UI)

When reviewing website usability, we evaluate how website visitors (users) interact with your website, this is called a UX/UI audit (user experience and user interface audit). A UX/UI audit can help you identify how to optimize user experience on your website. Improving user experience helps increase retention, and conversion rates.

A UX/UI audit includes analysis of a variety of elements which may include:

  • Customer/Client interviews
  • Google Analytics review and analysis
  • Target Audience or User Persona development
  • User engagement audit

Visibility (SEO, Social)

Is your target audience finding your website? Website visibility is vital to your online marketing strategy and an SEO audit can help you get a better picture of the reach of your website. The foundation of your online presence is your website; however, the digital footprint of your business reaches across dozens if not hundreds of platforms. Your web presence includes your social media presence, business listings (including google my business), review sites, and more.

A comprehensive review of your website visibility can include:

  • SEO audit
  • Social Media audit
  • Web presence analysis
  • Analytics review
  • Website traffic audit
  • Keyword analysis


Communicating your message clearly and engaging your target audience can be a challenge. A content audit evaluates your online messaging, giving you insights into what’s working and what isn’t.

Evaluation elements include:

  • Content hierarchy review
  • Is there duplicate content?
  • How often is content updated?
  • Is content clear and engaging?

What to happens after the website audit is completed?

Upon completion Robintek will provide a detailed report with actionable items that will improve your website. If you need help completing any of the items our team of dedicated web developers are here to serve.

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