Web Design, SEO & Marketing based in Columbus, Ohio

Web Design, SEO & Marketing based in Columbus, Ohio

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We understand that a completely custom website will not fall into every business’ budget. That is why we have created website templates with a custom twist! Robintek's Website Templates are an affordable way to create a website on a budget. Our skilled designers have created several unique website designs for you to choose from, and built them on an extremely flexible platform. This allows our clients to start with a basic website template branded to their company. As their business grows they can then add custom features to their website as needed.

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A Robintek representative will work with you to rebrand the template to your companies needs. This process includes adding your logo and changing the template colors to your company branding. We will also add your content into the homepage, services, about us and contact pages.
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Robintek will help you to set up your domain name and hosting (with us or another company) and walk you through the final stages of getting your new website launched! You will have full control of your website through the Robintek content management system.
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Our Templates

A Thoughtful 1 Get Started!

A Thoughtful 1

Category: Business, Healthcare / Nursing

Aqua Marina Get Started!

Aqua Marina

Category: Business

Blue Steel Get Started!

Blue Steel

Category: Business, Real Estate

Buckeye Bold Get Started!

Buckeye Bold

Category: Business

Cool Rain Get Started!

Cool Rain

Category: Business

Country Bold Get Started!

Country Bold

Category: Beauty / Fashion, E-Commerce, Musical, Personal

Dark and Handsome Get Started!

Dark and Handsome

Category: Business, Real Estate

El Tigre Get Started!

El Tigre

Category: Beauty / Fashion, Business, Musical, Personal

Fresh and Tasty Get Started!

Fresh and Tasty

Category: Business, Food / Restaurant, Personal

Glamour in Green Get Started!

Glamour in Green

Category: Beauty / Fashion, Business

Go 4 It Get Started!

Go 4 It

Category: Business, Healthcare / Nursing, Real Estate

Going Global Get Started!

Going Global

Category: Business, E-Commerce

Great View Get Started!

Great View

Category: Business, Real Estate

Home Team Get Started!

Home Team

Category: Business, Food / Restaurant

Identity Get Started!


Category: Business, Technology

In Plain Site Get Started!

In Plain Site

Category: Beauty / Fashion, Musical, Personal

Joe's Bar & Grill Get Started!

Joe's Bar & Grill

Category: Business, Food / Restaurant

Lets Get Crazy Get Started!

Lets Get Crazy

Category: Beauty / Fashion, Business, Musical

Niceness Get Started!


Category: Business

NY Elegant Get Started!

NY Elegant

Category: Business

Old Glory Get Started!

Old Glory

Category: Business, Personal, Political

Purple Heart Get Started!

Purple Heart

Category: Business, Healthcare / Nursing

Serenity Get Started!


Category: Business, Healthcare / Nursing, Religious

Shake Up Get Started!

Shake Up

Category: Business, Personal, Real Estate

Shine on Me Get Started!

Shine on Me

Category: Business, Real Estate

The Board Room Get Started!

The Board Room

Category: Business

The Construct Get Started!

The Construct

Category: Business, Real Estate

Top of the World Get Started!

Top of the World

Category: Business, Personal, Religious

Up Market Get Started!

Up Market

Category: Business, Real Estate

Vote for Us Get Started!

Vote for Us

Category: Personal, Political

Who Are We Get Started!

Who Are We

Category: Business, Personal

Wood Shop Get Started!

Wood Shop

Category: Business, Real Estate

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