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What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is a type of inbound marketing that has you paying organizations like Google or Facebook for displaying your ads. You only pay when someone clicks the link. PPC can be an effective tool in your digital marketing portfolio, but it shouldn’t be the focus.  In this installment of the monthly video series, Web 101, Joe Jorgenson, President of Robin Technologies explains how pay per click markeing can be used to better hit your target market.

This video is part of the 2019 season from The Business Journal’s Busniness Strategies Video Network where Robintek partnered with The Business Journal to maintain visibility and deepen customer relationships. To hear more from the monthly video series, click here.

The Business Journal

The Business Journal is a locally owned, independently operated multimedia publisher based in Youngstown, Ohio. Through the years, they have transformed from an advertising-supported newspaper to a multiplatform publisher that’s committed to the success of the regional business community.

Robin Technologies

Robintek is a website design company and digital agency with offices in Akron and Columbus, Ohio. We offer strategy, design, development & marketing services to help your business grow. Working as a dynamic complement to your team, we design, build and launch custom digital solutions that add sustainable value to your business.