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ABATE of Ohio website redesign by Robintek blog header showing design on laptop

We are excited to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website for ABATE of Ohio, a key advocate for motorcyclists’ rights across Ohio. Our team at Robintek has worked closely with ABATE to create a modern, news magazine style website that not only highlights the organization’s activities but also serves as a dynamic hub for its members.

Website Redesign

Emphasizing News, Education, and Community

ABATE of Ohio required a platform that would prominently feature news articles and events while providing crucial information about legislative initiatives and safety education programs. The result is a sleek, organized website with a modern news magazine layout that ensures all content is accessible and engaging.

ABATE of Ohio homepage redesign by Robintek shown on multiple devices, desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

Modern News Magazine Layout

The new homepage design is clean and modern, organized to display a wealth of content in a user-friendly manner. It features a real-time news feed, an events feed, and quick links to important sections like legislative initiatives, motorcycle safety and education programs, and social events. This layout allows ABATE members and visitors to easily navigate and find the information that matters most to them.

Integrated Events Calendar

The integrated events calendar is another vital feature that enables ABATE to easily create, manage, and communicate upcoming events. This tool helps keep the community informed and engaged, ensuring that members have quick access to event details.

Membership Management

Membership Management Overhaul

One of the most significant challenges was overhauling the membership management system. Previously operated from an outdated Microsoft Access database, we introduced a sophisticated setup using Restrict Content Pro to enhance functionality. This new system allows members to sign up, manage their accounts, and update important profile information easily.

We migrated over 1,000 existing members from the old database to the new system. Given that many of these members were reluctant to use online accounts and did not have email addresses, we created temporary emails and devised a custom onboarding process to activate and manage their memberships effectively.

ABATE website homepage on mobile phone held by motorcyclist with bike in the background


Website Hosting by Robintek

Robintek is proud to host the new ABATE of Ohio website, ensuring reliable performance and top-notch security. Our hosting services guarantee that the website remains fast and accessible, providing an optimal experience for all users. For more information about our hosting services, visit Robintek Web Hosting Services.

An Experienced Partner

Robintek is an experienced Web Developer for Non-profit Organizations

At Robintek, we are experienced in serving non-profit organizations and understand the unique challenges they face. Our commitment to providing tailored solutions helps organizations like ABATE of Ohio enhance their digital presence and reach their goals. Learn more about our services for non-profits at Robintek Non-Profit Website Design.

Visit the New ABATE Website

The redesigned website for ABATE of Ohio marks a significant step forward for the organization, offering a platform that supports their mission to preserve the freedom and rights of Ohio motorcyclists. Visit the new ABATE of Ohio website today and see how we’re helping them ride into the future with confidence and connectivity.