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Fall forest of yellow leaved trees with text "5 tips for updating your website this fall"

5 Tips for updating your website this fall

Welcome to fall! The leaves are starting to change, the weather is getting cooler and pumpkins and mums are starting to appear on front porches. The school year is back in full swing after summer fun and vacations. Autumn often brings the focus back to what tasks need to be taken care of before the end of the year. The seasons are a great and constant reminder that change is a good thing.

With that in mind, fall is the perfect time to take a look at your website and make needed changes to keep it working efficiently for you.

Review your site for outdated information

Everyone gets busy. Sometimes your website can go a while without a review. Fall is a great time to revisit your website and make sure that information isn’t out of date. Look over your website and make any needed updates so the information is correct and current.

Check for website errors and fix them

How is your website performing? It’s good to periodically check your overall site health with a technical website audit. A website audit can help identify issues with your site. Having a clear picture of your website’s performance can help you identify needed fixes and areas in need of improvement. A website audit can also determine opportunities for growth.

Interested in a technical audit of your website? Robintek offers website audits and analysis to give you the insights you need to keep your site at peak performance.

Evaluate your SEO

Are you reaching your target audience? An SEO audit can help you get a better picture of your web traffic and conversions. Analyzing your website’s SEO performance can help you make targeted changes and identify new opportunities. Need help reviewing your website’s SEO? Robintek offers reviews, analysis, and recommendations to improve your SEO. Contact us today for more information.

Keep your content fresh

Change is a good thing. Updating your content frequently helps your website perform better on search engines. Fall is a good time to look at ways to add or update website content. From updated service information and offerings to new blog posts, relevant content helps your customers and your website. Consider how you can add new content to your site or update existing content this fall.

Is it time for a bigger change?

How do you know when it’s time for your website to have a more complete overhaul versus small updates? One question that may help as you consider your options is this: Is my current website able to help me achieve my business goals? If not, it might be time to think about a website refresh.

If you’re considering redoing your website, Robintek can help you better understand your choices. Our team can pop the hood on the inner workings of your current site and give you options that meet your budget and goals.

There you have it!

5 ways you can take action to improve your website this fall. From quick reviews and error fixes to identifying new opportunities for growth, we hope these tips help you refresh your website this autumn!

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