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Columbus downtown, river, bridge, community, and park

Written by Eric Meinen, Vice President and Chief Creative Officer

Based out of Ohio, but serving clients nationally, we’ve worked with businesses at every stage of development in every industry imaginable. We’ve helped businesses grow from fledgling companies with just a wisp of an idea into multi-million dollar giants. From new startups to 60+ year old family businesses there’s one thing that all these companies have in common, and one thing they could not survive without a respect and a love for their community.

How do you connect to your community?

So what’s the best way to connect with your community? That’s something that we can definitely help you figure out, but that answer is always going to be unique to your business. I will point out just a few ways in which Robintek connects:

  1. Social Media Outreach

This can be both the easiest and most difficult way to reach out to your community. Easy to get started Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. difficult to maintain. Almost every business you deal with on a daily basis is on social media. So how many do you follow online? Most businesses will set up their social media account and think it ends there. Social media is like rolling a boulder up a hill it requires continuous attention or it will just roll back down to the bottom and sit there.

  1. Be a Part of Your Local Community

Although we serve clients nationally, most of our clients are from Ohio. Why? We put ourselves out there. We go to tradeshows, we join chambers of commerce, Family Business Organizations – we don’t just want to live in our communities, we want to help shape it.

  1. Give Back to Your Commuity

At Robintek, we believe it’s important to help charitable organizations when we can. Every year, Robintek chooses one charitable organization to receive a Free Custom Website. Our communities give so much to us; we think it’s important to give something back.

Your community can take many forms. Your business and your personal community might be completely different. Some of our clients only exist to serve an online community. One company’s community might be global, another, just a small town in Ohio. It doesn’t matter. Without reaching out to and creating a constant connection with that community, your business won’t thrive.