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Outdoor business headshot of Debbie with a brick background

We recently got the chance to meet and work with Debbie on location in Powell, Ohio for her business headshots. She needed her headshots to be taken outdoors with either a park or brick background in order to match her company’s photo requirements. Powell offered a great location for the session and we were able to capture a variety of images for her to choose from. We love how these turned out!

smiling business woman headshot with brick wall backdrop
smiling business woman with fall park background
outdoor business portrait of smiling business woman
business woman headshot with bick wall background

Business headshots

Robintek offers competitively priced headshots and business portraits. We are able to accommodate both studio and on-location sessions.

Studio headshots

Our studio offers professional lighting and a variety of backdrops that allow you to get the right look to suit your personality and industry. Our photographers will work with you to deliver dynamic, flattering portraits which fit your needs.

On-location headshots

Pick a location that suits your style and industry for your on-location session for individuals or groups. Having your portrait taken at your office location or at another location of your choice allows for unique portraits.

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