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Guest post for Robintek and Actuality Media

Guest Post: This post was prepared for Robintek by the Actuality Media team.


Robintek had the task of developing a cutting-edge website for busSTRUT. This website design featured 3D model renderings and interactive elements to showcase the capabilities of the busSTRUT system. However, the project didn’t stop there. Michael Gellert, the President of busSTRUT, had another idea: creating a series of videos to demonstrate their products and the possibilities they offer.

This video project idea, presented to Robintek, was referred to our video production agency, Actuality Media, a Columbus-based video production team that helps clients from start to finish in the video production process. We guide projects from the very beginning of the pre-production planning process, through the production filming, and then finally in the post-production editing phase, where we make the project’s vision come to life. Our partnership with Robintek allows us to provide extra help for their clients when they’re looking to create professional video content to complement their new client or software.

BusSTRUT Product during video shoot with Actuality Media

The Production Process:

Our production process started with a visit to the busSTRUT warehouse, where we set up professional lighting with scripts displayed on a big screen (provided by the busSTRUT team) for a smooth video shoot. Over the course of a half-day of filming, we recorded Michael in front of the system setup while he explained each product, the features of each one, and how they all seamlessly work together if one chooses to combine them. Typically, we choose to use at least two camera angles for these kinds of video shoots. This allows us to seamlessly cut between the two angles in a way that looks very natural whenever there’s a mistake or a long pause between talking points.

BusSTRUT Product being attached during video shoot with Actuality Media

After we wrapped up filming, our team also handled the post-production process for this project. From 4 hours of filming, we created seven concise video clips. These clips highlight different aspects of the busSTRUT system, allowing their sales team to engage potential customers with specific, bite-sized content. In a world where attention spans are short, these brief video nuggets are far more effective in capturing the viewer’s interest, while also allowing them to watch the full series if they want to continue learning more.

Now equipped with high-quality video assets, busSTRUT had multiple avenues to explore. They could share these videos on platforms like LinkedIn, various social media channels, and have Robintek embed them on their website to amplify awareness of their product’s capabilities. Moreover, the sales team also had an invaluable tool at their disposal to educate and engage potential customers.

Trade shows became another stage for showcasing these professional video assets, further enhancing busSTRUT’s presence and brand recognition.

Detail of BusSTRUT Product during video shoot with Actuality Media


Here’s what Michael Gellert had to say about our collaboration:

“busSTRUT is super impressed with the videos you created for us. The employees of busSTRUT have been thrilled to see our system’s capabilities come to life. The sales department is excited to share these clips with others and has been running around with a pep in their step ever since viewing.

Not only was your work product great, your company was a pleasure to work with while recording and editing these videos.”


This project is a fantastic case study on how Robintek is able to not only create well-functioning, interactive, and SEO-driven websites but also has a great network of additional local businesses that can help their client’s online presence and public visibility grow even further.

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