Robintek’s Content Management System (CMS)

Make changes to your site, no matter where you are. Robintek’s proprietary CMS allows you to easily update your website from anywhere with an Internet connection. Adjust your menu structure, content, and more with a few simple clicks. Add, remove, or adjust content based on your current needs.

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Admin Panel

The admin panel is the first thing you’ll see when logging into the CMS. From here, you can manage your entire website, from users and content controls to calendars and resources.

Content Editor

Conveniently edit all your webpage content in the content editor. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is simple and intuitive and allows you to view your changes as soon as you hit Save.

Menu Builder

Through the menu builder, you can effortlessly set up all your site navigation items and link them to different pages across your site.

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