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Looking for a mobile solution for your website?

Robintek can help. With the rise in use of mobile phones and devices other than desktops for online browsing and purchases it is important for your website to be accessible to these devices. Many older websites were designed and built in a way that causes them to be viewed improperly on a mobile device which causes user frustration and ultimately impacts whether or not you lose or gain a potential customer.

In addition to user-friendliness search engines are starting to give greater and greater weight to mobile friendly websites. If your website is not mobile friendly your business could be ranked lower on search engines like Google. As part of your overall SEO strategy it is beneficial to develop a mobile friendly website.

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If your website is not mobile friendly, we can help you.

There are two options for mobile friendly websites, standalone mobile websites or responsive website design. Depending on your needs and budget Robintek can help you determine which path is right for your business.

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Stand Alone Mobile Website Design

Stand Alone Mobile Websites

Standalone mobile websites are created apart from your current website and are generated specifically for a mobile device. This standalone site can include all or just some of the information from your desktop website.


Responsive Mobile Website Design Example

Responsive Website Design

Implementing responsive website design involves formatting your website to appear well on any device including mobile. Depending on the screen size the website will resize automatically based on that formatting.


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