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Custom Website Design, Mobile Responsive Design, Graphic Design and Branding in Akron & Columbus Ohio

Is your website optimized for mobile?

If not, don’t worry – Robintek can help! With over 50% of all online browsing now performed on mobile devices, it is essential that your website be accessible and adapted for mobile use to effectively reach your target audience. Older, outdated designs that can’t be viewed properly on mobile browsers lead to user frustration and dissatisfaction. Without a mobile-optimized design, your customers may abandon your site for a competitor’s with a better mobile experience.

Mobile-friendly sites are also vital for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines today not only place a high value on user experience, but now base rankings on how well your site can be viewed on mobile. If your website cannot be easily viewed on mobile, your SEO strategy could suffer, resulting in lower traffic and decreased conversions.

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If your website is not mobile-friendly, Robintek can help.

There are two options for mobile websites: responsive web design or standalone mobile sites. Depending on your needs and budget, Robintek can help determine which path is right for your business.

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Stand Alone Mobile Website Design

Stand Alone Mobile Websites

A standalone mobile website is an entirely separate entity from your existing site. These standalone sites are generated specifically to be viewed on mobile and can include all or just some of the content from your desktop site.


Responsive Mobile Website Design Example

Responsive Website Design

With a responsive website design, your site will be formatted to display properly, no matter what device is being used. Depending on the size of the screen, your website will be automatically resized to adjust to the correct dimensions.


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