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The global pandemic known as COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has seen the world economy grind nearly to a halt. Between stay-at-home orders, essential vs. non-essential workers, and low grocery store inventory, this outbreak is affecting consumers and businesses like never before.

The good news is, our world is more connected than ever now, and people can more easily work from home and stay connected while also getting a chance to slow down and spend more time with their families at home. What this means for business is, the two most important pillars in this time are accessibility for your consumers and making sure that your business is helping the community and others. Small businesses always need all the help, support, and involvement they can get, and that is now magnified. In other words: Be a helper.

Here are some ways to prepare for the coming months as we rally together against this disease, fight to keep the economy afloat, and especially – help your clients.

Consumer Goods

From an online standpoint, the best way to be a helper is to innovate, lest you get left behind. Even when it is deemed safe to go out and social distancing is no longer part of the lexicon, a lot of consumers may very well realize how easy and convenient it is to continue doing all their shopping online, and if that’s the case, businesses of all shapes and sizes need to be prepared for it. Consumer goods are at the forefront of this – we’ve already seen the emergence of Amazon/Prime Now, Clicklist, and Mercato, but then services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats have made restaurant delivery and pickup that much easier as well. E-commerce websites are easier than ever to get set up, between WooCommerce, Shopify, and custom platforms, any business can have a beautiful, tailored website for their (and their consumers’) needs.

Consulting Services

Many businesses that typically require in-person interaction such as attorneys, consultants, and even web developers can (and should) provide the opportunity to perform meetings virtually using GoToMeeting, Zoom, Google Meet, or whatever other platform is to their liking. Appointment scheduling is pivotal to the virtual meeting, is your site equipped for this?

Medical Professionals

A website for professionals in the medical field should have secure methods for uploading documents, sharing information, and scheduling appointments ready to use for their patients. Video conferencing is also a valuable offering for consultations, and many doctors’ offices have enlisted this already.

Construction Services

Even industries such as construction have opportunities to make their business more efficient – the jobs themselves might not move faster, but the paperwork can. In the time of distancing, contracts and proposals can be exchanged and signed right online, while plans and ideas can be showed to clients via screenshares.

When a business shows it is concerned for the well-being of its clients and its community, it gives consumers the confidence and desire to support them. Promote these things on social media, talk about them on your blog, and make sure your clients know the things you are doing.

Robintek is also a helper – we believe in serving businesses of all shapes and sizes through the most appropriate use of technology. We’ve found numerous solutions for different companies that have helped them best help their clients and patients. Let us know how we can equip you to best help yours!