Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure with Robintek

By August 1, 2019 Website Design
WordPress Website Security

When starting or running a business in today’s world, it is required to have a strong online presence with a website. In order to develop this presence, it is essential to have an attractive and highly functioning website that is secure and up to date. With how fast today’s world is moving, there is a constant stream of updates released daily, and the proposed threat of internet hackers is at an all-time high. Keeping your WordPress website secure has never been more of a priority.

Update Core Version of WordPress

According to OceanWP, only 27.2% of WordPress websites have updated to the latest core version of WordPress. Whenever a website is behind schedule on any core version updates, theme updates, or plugin updates, it is significantly easier for internet hackers to expose and disrupt a website’s security and information. With plugin updates releasing daily, it is all too easy to get behind on the current state of a website. Along with plugin updates, theme and core WordPress updates are very important to keep as current as possible to avoid any issues. If the core version of WordPress or theme version is not current, there is a chance the installed plugins will not cooperate or function correctly within the website.

Getting Started

To start securing your WordPress website, it is highly recommended to have a credible security plugin along with a solid secure foundation for logging into the site. Having a strong password is important, but not the only recommended practice for maximum security. Internet hackers are constantly on the move and looking for vulnerabilities. Quality security plugins can offer additional ways to help protect a website and provide extra barriers to defend against a breach.

Security & Maintenance

Robintek provides these services and much more with our around the clock website supervision, offering maximum security and protection for WordPress websites. Our security and maintenance package will ensure a website is always up to date and monitored daily.

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