New Website Launch: Hauck Bros., Inc.

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hauck bros website design

Check out our newest website design,Hauck Bros., Inc.! This website was built using the WordPress platform and has a custom mobile responsive design.

Launch Site!

What We Did

The new website design for Hauck Bros., Inc. was developed to serve as a marketing and lead generation website for the Springfield based HVAC company. They wanted to maintain their current branding while giving the site a modern and personal look. They wanted their new site to highlight their long history and extensive experience, as well as focus on the community they serve. We accomplished these goals in the new Hauck Bros., Inc. website design.

Branding & Style

The branding colors and styles are present throughout the design helping to highlight particular areas and create visual hierarchy. The site was built in WordPress so that Hauck Bros., Inc. can easily update information themselves to keep their content current and fresh. The design is fully responsive so it looks good and functions well on all devices from desktop computers to mobile devices.

Highlight their Experience & History

Hauck Bros., Inc. has been serving Springfield, Ohio and the surrounding area since 1921. They wanted this long history and connection to their community to be reflected in their content and imagery on the website. In order to do this, we included a large section on their certifications & expertise to highlight their experience. The homepage also features an introduction section which includes information on their history with links to meet the team and an expanded history section. These areas establish brand confidence potential clients who many not have worked with Hauck Bros., Inc. before but are able to see their long history and experience in the HVAC industry.

Easy to use quick links

There are a few key actions that Hauck Bros., Inc. wanted to make sure their users were able to do quickly and easily on their site; Fill out a Service Request, Contact them, Call them, and Leave Feedback. To accomplish this, we created a series of four custom quick link graphic buttons that constantly display on the right side of the screen when viewing the Hauck Bros., Inc. website. These buttons lead to custom popup forms facilitating users to quickly accomplish those four tasks. This custom feature benefited user experience for the Hauck Bros., Inc. website by simplifying these four actions into a single click.

Custom Pricing Page Design

Hauck Bros., Inc. offers a wide variety of service and protection plans and they wanted a page that included a strong visual representation of the options offered by those plans. We worked with them to develop the content and layout that would work best for displaying these plans as part of the Home Comfort Protection Plans page.

Focus on the Springfield Community and Local SEO

We use large imagery focused on the clients they are serving rather than on the products themselves to give a personal touch to their work and highlight their community focus. All of their work is designed to keep their customers comfortable and we wanted to choose imagery that represented that goal. We also created local city pages for their service area, with individualized information pertaining to those communities.

A feature that allows for searching their service area was included on both the contact page and the service area page. This feature allows potential clients to enter their zip code or address and find the closest Hauck Bros., Inc. provider.

Expand their Social Media Presence and Connect with their Community

Hauck Bros., Inc. is proud to serve Springfield, Ohio and the surrounding area. They not only serve this community, but are an active part of it, participating in many community events. It was important to them as a business to connect with the people they serve on a personal level online. One of the ways we accomplished this was through expanding their social media presence with more frequent engaging posts and graphics. We also included feeds from social media and reviews on their website’s homepage.

Content Management System

This website was created using the WordPress platform, which includes an easy-to-use Content Management System and an abundance of opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Mobile Responsive

In order to give users the best possible experience while visiting this site, we made it mobile responsive. This allows the site to be viewed on many different devices with ease.

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