Product Videos for Customers

Every company has a product or service and a story to sell/tell. What better way to educate your customers about your product or service than with a professional, detailed, interactive marketing video about the product or service you provide. Your customer is 75% more likely to purchase your product if you educate and engage them with benefit of purchasing your product or service. It’s really simple. Ask yourself, “What are our products and business services meant to do for our customer and how can I communicate that they need this?” Typically, we offer a product or service that we are invested in and believe that the customer cannot live without. A professionally produced and interactive web video will help to create a personal connection with how your product or service can be applied to make the customers life better!

Professional Effects

We tie the whole project together with the following dependent upon your guidance of what you want to communicate.

  • HD Video
  • Music
  • Sounds effects
  • Interactive video buttons
  • Video Quizzes
  • Fly-in video graphics


The delivery of your message is crucial to your success. We give you the tools to embed your video in your website, email blasts, social media outlets, and much more. Our number one priority is to give you the tools to maximize your ROI for the project.


Company Training Videos

Your company probably expects nothing but the best from its employees. Now make sure you are providing them with the best training to meet those expectations. One of the most efficient ways to train your staff is to provide them with the tools to learn the job exactly how you expect it to be performed. But how can you accomplish this and get the most out of your investment? Our experienced video production team can create interactive web videos to train your staff, whether it is on basic customer service principles or detailed instruction on how to perform work tasks. Our professionally produced and edited videos will take your employees knowledge of your expectations and work processes to another level.

Story Board Guidance

The storyboard is crucial to your message. It is meant to give you a visual snapshot. You have the best knowledge of your product, service, or training concept. You have the message that you are trying to communicate with the customer or your employees. You give us the content, and we will guide you through the rest to create a unique, effective message that will grab and hold the attention of your audience.

Voice-over talent

We provide voice over talent that is selected by you! We pull sample excerpts from YOUR script. We will create recordings and let you pick from several different voice over talents, so you can easily select the best “voice” for your story.

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