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Ohio Land Guy Website Redesign homepage shown on laptop and desktop

Robintek recently had the privilege of working with Ohio Land Guy, a prominent real estate agent in Ohio, to revamp their website. The project was not just about aesthetics but about creating a digital space that truly reflects the essence of their business. The result? A stunning website that embraces the natural beauty of the land and seamlessly integrates property listings, showcasing Ohio Land Guy’s expertise in the real estate industry.

The Challenge

Ohio Land Guy specializes in selling a wide range of properties in Ohio, from residential homes to vast expanses of land for recreation, farming, and development. Their existing website needed a transformation to become more comprehensive, engaging, and appealing to a diverse array of buyers. Large, inviting imagery was a must to captivate prospective clients, and the integration of MLS listings was a crucial requirement.

About Ohio Land Guy

Ohio Land Guy is a leading real estate agent in Ohio, specializing in residential properties, recreational land, farms, and development opportunities. Their team of Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) offers unparalleled expertise, making them the go-to experts for land transactions in Ohio. With their newly redesigned website, Ohio Land Guy is well-equipped to meet the needs of today’s property buyers and sellers.

Ohio Land Guy homepage design on laptop and full homepage design

What We Did

Highlighting Expertise: Ohio Land Guy’s Accreditation

One of the standout features of Ohio Land Guy’s services is their Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation. As ALCs, they are among the highest-performing and most experienced land experts in the industry. Our design incorporated this prestigious accreditation, showcasing Ohio Land Guy’s experience and expertise.

Custom Property Listings and MLS Integration

In the competitive world of real estate, having up-to-date listings is essential. Robintek integrated MLS listings into the new website. What sets this project apart is the creation of custom property listings. These listings come complete with additional photos, interactive maps, and comprehensive property information, supplementing the MLS listings. Custom post types for listings offer full customization and control, making the Ohio Land Guy website a one-stop destination for property seekers.

User-Friendly WordPress CMS

To ensure that Ohio Land Guy can easily manage and update their website, we built it on the WordPress platform. The user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) simplifies updates and ensures that the website is always current. Moreover, the site is fully responsive, making it accessible and visually appealing across all devices.

Prioritizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To excel in the competitive real estate market, SEO is vital. The new Ohio Land Guy website was built with SEO best practices in mind from the ground up. This ensures that the website ranks well on search engines, increasing its visibility to potential clients.

Engaging Web Design: Connecting with the Audience

The website’s design emphasizes the natural beauty of the land, with large, captivating imagery of real estate and individuals and families enjoying the properties. This approach connects with the audience Ohio Land Guy aims to attract. The design is modern, natural, and fosters a visual flow through the homepage, with clear calls to action guiding visitors.

Ohio Land Guy mobile website design shown on phones over a field background

The Results: Thrilled Clients and a Powerful Online Presence

Ohio Land Guy now boasts a revitalized website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also with the functionality they need. The team is delighted with the new design and the ease of use. More importantly, the website now truly represents the wide range of properties they have to offer and their unparalleled expertise in the real estate market.

About Robintek: Your Web Design Partner

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