New Website Redesign & Launch: Mueller Electric

By September 2, 2019 Website Design
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Check out our newest website design, Mueller Electric. This website was built using the CMS platform and has a custom mobile responsive design.

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What We Did

The Mueller website was redesigned using the Robintek CMS platform, which is an ASP.NET platform with a SQL database, which includes an easy to use content management system and a wealth of opportunities for customization, as well as mobile responsiveness.  The new website features a high design homepage and high design product listing and product description subpages. To address a large and diverse product catalog, Robintek developed a data model for product attributes that is fully customizable as well as editable from the client administrative panel. For the front end user, we developed a UI to enable narrowing searches based on the selected product attributes. Additionally, we built an automated FTP system for distributors to provide current stock levels daily.

Content Management System

This website was created using the Robintek CMS platform, which includes an easy-to-use Content Management System and an abundance of opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Mobile Responsive

In order to give users the best possible experience while visiting this site, we made it mobile responsive. This allows the site to be viewed on many different devices with ease.

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Custom Website Design

Having a website is crucial for business. Having an aesthetically pleasing website is just as important.

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Mueller Electric manufactures electronic & electrical wires. They are the inventor of the alligator (crocodile) clips. Based in Akron, OH, they celebrate a long history of 110 years in Northeast Ohio.

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