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Local SEO for Small Businesses - Robintek Columbus Web Design

By utilizing local SEO, you can make your small business more competitive in the increasingly crowded digital marketplace.

Most companies are well aware of the benefits of using SEO to become more visible on Google and other search engines. But local SEO, specifically, can help your business generate more conversions by enhancing your search results listings and engaging your community. With effective local SEO, you can build trust in your brand and make more sales.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO refers to the search engine optimization strategies that specifically focus on your local search results. It helps customers in your area find and engage with your brand in real life.

In practice, local SEO can consist of a variety of both on-page and off-page elements. In addition to standard SEO practices like keyword research and mobile optimization, some of the most important local SEO elements are:

Structured Data for Local SEO Rich Results - Robintek

Structured data

Adding structured data, or schema markup, to your website allows it to display rich results on search engine results pages. It also helps search engines better understand your site, which helps draw more relevant traffic.

For local SEO, the Knowledge Panel that appears on Google showing your local business information can be updated and enhanced with structured data. Since customers prefer these rich results, you are more likely to get clicks with an accurate, robust panel that uses structured data.

Online directories

There are lots of online directories for businesses that list your company information in search results, such as Google My Business. Inaccurate or conflicting information across these listings can hinder your local visibility and diminish the trustworthiness of your website.

Ensuring that your listings are accurate and up-to-date helps more customers find, contact, and visit your business.

Customer Reviews - Local SEO - Robintek Columbus Ohio

Customer reviews

Reviews are some of the most powerful data when it comes to your local SEO. When searching for local businesses, 77% of searchers regularly read reviews to make a decision.

Your local ranking in Google is directly influenced by the number of reviews and positive ratings, with volume being the main ranking factor. Aside from asking customers with a positive experience to submit an online review, you should also regularly monitor and respond to any negative feedback or questions to boost your SEO.

Social media

On your social media accounts, your company needs to do more than just have a profile. It needs to provide regular updates and interact with your customers to benefit your local SEO.

By posting regularly to social media, you show that your company is engaged and active. It allows for a dialogue between you and your customers. The more active and involved your company is on social media, the more customers will be likely to convert.

Why you should use local SEO

Local SEO for small businesses - Robintek - Columbus Web Design

Increasing support for local businesses

Especially post-COVID, consumers today want to support local businesses. Even with the rise of eCommerce and international shipping, customers increasingly prefer local options when making purchasing decisions. Optimizing your local SEO helps more people in your area find you and become loyal customers.

More customers use search engines to find local businesses

Every day, more people are using search engines to find businesses nearby. With the increase in mobile usage, prospective customers in your area often search for and visit a new business within minutes. For example, a tourist may search Google to find a local restaurant option near their hotel. The state of your local SEO can make or break a customer from choosing your business or a nearby competitor.

Local SEO for small business organic traffic and conversions

Local SEO helps generate traffic and conversions

By optimizing your local SEO, you can increase both your organic traffic and conversion rates. More potential customers with relevant search intent will be able to find your business, leading to an increase in both online and foot traffic. This can boost your contact form submissions, email subscriptions, phone calls, and sales.

Investing in local SEO is cost-effective

As a marketing strategy, local SEO is a comparatively low-budget option that provides a high ROI. Although it is a long-term strategy, the investment is typically lower than other marketing methods with more sustainable results. It can also reduce the need for paid ads by pulling in more organic traffic.

Start using local SEO to drive more traffic

Need help implementing local SEO into your website? Reach out to us at Robintek. Our SEO experts can help set up your website’s schema, manage your social media accounts, and update your business listings. With these SEO services, you can attract more local customers and generate more conversions. Request a free consultation today!

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