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Cox and Cook Website Design - Robintek: Columbus OH Web Design & Development

We’re proud to show off another new website design for Cox & Cook Wealth Advisors! Our designers created a vibrant, engaging website on the WordPress platform with a dynamic mobile-responsive design.

Cox & Cook Website Design - Robintek - Web Design Ohio

What We Did

When they came to Robintek, Cox & Cook were looking for a streamlined website design. They requested a more modern look with updated imagery to align with their mission. In particular, they wanted to highlight their original Anchor Point FORMula for financial independence.

In addition, their existing website had a lot of content that was starting to bloat the site. They were looking to downsize their overall site content while keeping it interesting and informative for potential clients.

Robintek designed an updated, sophisticated website that matched the Cox & Cook branding to align with their goals. Additionally, we curated their content to best promote their services and engage their visitors.

Financial Services Marketing & Website Design

In the financial services industry, competition in the digital marketplace is intense. Creating a website that stands out from the crowd, attracts organic traffic, and effectively promotes your business can be challenging.

At Robintek, we’ve had almost 25 years of experience helping financial companies build their online presence. Whether you’re looking for custom website design, web development, marketing, SEO, multimedia, or strategy & consulting, we can help your business grow.

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Design Highlights

Cox and Cook Mobile Responsive Website Design - Robintek

Created a user-friendly website with an attractive design

Using Cox & Cook’s branding style, we designed an eye-catching website with a user-friendly interface. Throughout the site, we included high-quality imagery that helped tell the company’s story. With a mobile-responsive design, the website will display perfectly, no matter what device is being used.

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Cox & Cook High Design Subpages - Robintek Web Design Ohio

Developed multiple high-design subpages

In addition to the homepage, we created multiple subpages with high-design layouts to enhance the Cox & Cook website. This helps the company better promote their services and convert visitors with more dynamic design elements.

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Cox & Cook - Web Design by Robintek: Ohio Website Design, Marketing & SEO

Built a private content subpage for clients

Cox & Cook had educational content, including videos, that they wanted to include on their website for customers only. Robintek built a private subpage where their clients can log in to view this helpful content.

This provides easy, secure access for their customers, as well as a simple way for Cox & Cook to update and manage the private content on the backend.

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Cox & Cook Curated Content - Robintek Columbus Ohio Website Design

Curated content for a concise but engaging website

Although they had plenty of content on their website, they needed help streamlining it all to be more concise. We curated from their existing website as well as the brand’s promotional materials to develop engaging, informative content.

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About the Client

Cox & Cook Wealth Advisors is a financial advisory company that helps their clients prepare for their financial future. From retirement age to those just beginning their careers, their ideal client is one that has the confidence to delegate their complex wealth management needs.

To best serve their clients, they adhere to the Fiduciary Standard and use a proprietary formula called the Anchor Point FORMula. With these services, they help their clients plan for critical life and financial events.

Who We Are

Robintek is a web design and web development company in Columbus, Ohio. Since 1998, we have been creating dynamic, custom websites for businesses to expand their online presence. From website design to SEO to graphic design to branding & identity, we can partner with your company to help you succeed.

With services like logo design, eCommerce marketing, product photography, content strategy, custom web applications, and much more, let Robintek take your brand to the next level. Reach out to us today to learn more!