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Cardiac Arrest Technologies Website Design Columbus Ohio Robintek

Check out our latest website design for Cardiac Arrest Technologies! Using the WordPress platform, we designed a custom website for the medical technology company with a mobile-responsive design for an excellent user experience.

Cardiac Arrest Technologies Website Design Columbus Ohio - Robintek

What We Did

To publicize and promote their medical technology patent, Cardiac Arrest Technologies needed a brand-new website design to capture the attention of industry leaders.

With plenty of technical information regarding the patent and device features, they were interested in a design that would highlight the most important content in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.

Robintek’s design team created a modern, streamlined website with high-quality imagery to draw the eye. We also reworked their existing content to fit better on the page and allow for an easy-to-read, user-friendly experience.

Healthcare Industry Websites & Marketing

For businesses in the healthcare and medical industries, establishing a strong online presence is essential. Not only does it help patients and providers find your website, but it can also help industry leaders create important, potentially life-saving connections.

With the proper marketing and design tools built into your site, like SEO, branding & identity, and graphic design, you can make your healthcare company stand out amongst the competition and reach your target audience.

Having gotten our start in the healthcare industry, Robintek is uniquely positioned to help businesses in the medical field succeed in the digital marketplace. Our skill and expertise in healthcare web design and web development can elevate your brand to the next level.

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Design Highlights

Cardiac Arrest Technologies Mobile Responsive Website Robintek Columbus OH

Customized website design to drive organic traffic and engage visitors

In order to reach their target audience, Cardiac Arrest Technologies needed a website design that was professional and attractive to draw industry leaders.

We created a simple but sophisticated website that incorporated engaging information about our client’s patent to fully educate each visitor.

In addition, we used captivating graphics and diagrams to clearly demonstrate the technological capabilities and encouraging potential of their wearable device.

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Cardiac Arrest Technologies Web Design Columbus Ohio Robintek

Revamped content to be clear and concise on the page

Our client had plenty of informative content about their device and patent, but their articles were too long and detailed to fit with the flow of their site.

We revised and reorganized their content to make it easier to read and more concise while still ensuring all the key information was included, like a patent overview. The streamlined content along with illustrative imagery provides an educational, engaging experience for their website visitors.

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Custom Forms Robintek Columbus Ohio

Custom contact form so interested companies can conveniently reach out

One of the main goals of the Cardiac Arrest Technologies website was to attract potential partnerships with leaders in the medical industry to make the CA Rescue™ Watch a reality.

Our designers created a simple, easy-to-use custom contact form so interested parties could easily send a message to get involved.

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About the Client

Cardiac Arrest Technologies LLC is a medical technology company that has developed an innovative new wearable device called the CA Rescue™ watch. Their patented device has the ability to detect sudden cardiac arrest events and immediately alert nearby emergency medical services for a faster response time.

The device can be pre-programmed with specific locations from the victim’s life, including their work, home, and other frequently visited locations, to further reduce the time of response.

Since a resuscitation delay by only 10 minutes is typically fatal during a cardiac arrest, the reduction of response time through their promising new device could have a significant positive impact on survival and recovery rates.

Who We Are

Robintek is a web design and web development company in Columbus, Ohio. Since 1998, we have been partnering with businesses in Columbus, Central Ohio, and around the country to build their online foundations and drive organic traffic.

From the healthcare industry to manufacturing to food service and everything in between, we provide a suite of design, marketing, web development, and multimedia services to help your company thrive.

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